Marty G. – Amazon Seller

Evan D. – Amazon Seller

Rhonda H. – Amazon Seller

“ManageByStats saves me hours every day as my go-to Amazon Seller performance dashboard. My story is probably like yours: As my Amazon Seller business continued to grow, I found myself spending way too much time collecting data from various Amazon reports and manually inputting them into my own spreadsheets, just to see how my products were performing. As my sales grew and my products multiplied, I was going crazy trying to make sense of it all and realized that there must be some software that can automate this. I searched all around in various marketing forums and finally got a referral to ManageByStats. I immediately registered, linked up my Amazon Seller API and within days I had all my historical sales data organized and easy to read. I could now see performance on a per-product basis, see who my top customers are and many more useful data points. Now that I’m a few months in, I couldn’t imagine running my business without ManageByStats. Thank you ManageByStats for making my life easier and my business more profitable.”

Joey Shepp
DailyNutra CEO

I am a new user of the Manage by Stats program.  Although I’m still learning this powerful program it has made my life easy right away. As soon as I log in I get an overview look of how my business is doing and if there are any inventory issues that need my attention.  I particularly find useful the customer list.  I can use this to locate customers much easier and then find the order on Amazon.  This makes handling customer service issues much easier. The stat graphs come in handy and give me a picture of how things look and whether I need to put attention on anything. I know there is a lot more to this program and I am learning it.  It will help in determining profitability and how to manage paying my partners that are or getting involved with my business.

Tim Ford – Amazon Seller

I’ve only just signed up for Managebystats but it’s already saving me a ton of time in terms of collating customer details, tracking sales and calculating profit margins. This is the one piece I was missing in managing my Amazon business. And don’t get me started on the Email Append service! That is truly epic. If I ever come across someone selling on Amazon who’s struggling with their numbers, I always point them to Managebystats.

Andy C. – Amazon Seller

My business started selling in March 2015 and I quickly got overwhelmed with the amount of admin needed to keep track of my sales statistics. Little did I know that a fellow Amazon seller had a stroke of genius and created a functional, accurate and user-friendly tool for this exact purpose – Manage By Stats! Thank you Philip for making it so much easier to monitor our statistics!

Eric Newly – Amazon Seller

As a new client of ManageByStats I would like to say that I find the information I am able to derive from using their program vital!  I have already used the information for direct targeting of clients, to increase reviews and to generally study trends. One correct application of the data received pays for the program for the whole year!

Chris Estey – Manufacturer & Amazon Seller

We’ve just gotten started using the Manage By Stats program and we’re impressed.  It takes all of our Amazon data and boils it down into a simple to view and manage format. Much easier to use than digging through the many reports that Amazon has. And the team is developing more tools at a mad rate. They’re very responsive when something needs to be addressed and they have great training materials, including their video training. Thank you guys, we appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into these tools, and we’re happy to recommend it to others!!

Anthony & Gail Gallegos – Amazon Sellers

I just want to say “way to go” in putting manage by stats together! I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise though when you have a tool that is conceived and implemented by someone that actually sells on Amazon and knows what kind of tools and information you need!  It’s all here. Great job.

Rob Hannley – Amazon Seller

I just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best decisions I ever made for my Amazon Business.  Having the ability to call up monthly reports from last year was an exceptional help.  The ability to breakout the costs and the revenue on monthly, quarterly, etc., really helped my accountant and me.  I’m always behind in accounting and bookkeeping.  This really got me caught up.  Now I’ve been able to stay current. For all you do the monthly price is very reasonable. And your team was very helpful getting me off the ground.   Thanks.

Doug Werner CEO C.Concierge – Amazon Seller

Management by Stats is absolutely amazing in the wealth of information available about sales, orders and customers on Amazon.

Here are some of the key things I love:

  • I have products with different partners so it gives me an easy way to see the split on the payments.
  • The stat graphs on all the key numbers, sales, payments, BSR and more can be easily changed by product, time period and date range. Today I was scratching my head on why my Sponsored Ads had taken a dive, looked at the sales graphs and I suddenly realized what happened when the dive started and am taking action to handle.
  • Provides you with a customer data base that has all the information available from Amazon with room to add more (such as real email address) as you obtain it.
  • All the data available on Seller Central is put into extremely usable form with a very user-friendly interface.

I’m so happy to have this tool.

Annie Hof – Annie Hof Thriving, Inc. – Amazon Seller

This app gives you the real data you need all in one place to manage your business in a way that has way way more depth and simplicity than Amazon provides.
I consider it vital to manage my business with all the stats to hand. To do otherwise is like driving a car without a speedometer, or any warning lights!
I particularly like the customer export function, as I can now export specific customer data  (including emails) by brand and product and construct promotional campaigns for each. This alone is a priceless function I’m really glad to now have with this program.

Andrew Stevens – Amazon Seller

Wow Wow Wow!  I just opened up my ManagementByStats account.  It’s amazing.   I love it.   At a glance there are the phone numbers!  Wow.  Everything is so much easier.   Very nice.   This is a real asset.

Marykay Carr – Amazon Seller

ManageByStats helps me to view my Amazon business easily and quickly in one place. It is simple to navigate and presents information that is highly valuable to making decisions. It saves time and paints a more complete picture of what my business actually looks like and what to focus on in order to get the most out of it. Statistics are vital to running a business and the ManageByStats system makes it possible.

Chelsea Cohen – Amazon Seller

Wow! I am blown away by the quality of Manage By Stats.

First, MBS is easy to understand.

Second, it flows nicely and presents information as you would need it.

Third, it lets you do so much and gives me a much better handle on what I am actually profiting (or losing) on Amazon.

I have been in software development at large corporations for 15 years and I have worked on, helped develop, and used tons of different software. I have an MBA in eCommerce development so I know what all is involved in developing quality software. MBS ranks right up there at the top. It is stable. It does what I need. It has been well-tested and I haven’t found any errors or software glitches.

My setup is fairly complicated because I have almost 300 SKUs but the instruction manual is well written and easy to follow.

The times I did have to email support, they always responded within a very short timeframe and provided quality answers.

I had been meaning to implement MBS for six months. Now I wish I hadn’t delayed.



Karen B.

Customer Service loves it (MBS) because if a customer doesn’t provide their order ID, you can search their name and find it in MBS. Financial Management loves MBS because they can export the inventory and import it easily into their accounting programs. Manage by stats pulls the info you need for every division of your business automatically and stores it all in one convenient place-we love it.

Kyla Lytwynec

Using ManageByStats has helped us improve our profit margins by 20% and it has just been less than 2 months. To improve sales conversions is great but to be able to know exactly where to maximize profit margins is OUTSTANDING. To be able to view the detailed financial information including costs associated with inbound, ads, sales tax, returns, & approximate sold products cost has saved us hours and hours of work. This helped us quickly analyse where our sales were high but margins were slim. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing platform for Amazon Sellers.