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ManageByStats is built by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers, to provide functions that are not provided well by Amazon or by other services.

You can see statistical graphs by Day, Week, Month and Year for Sales, Refunds, Cost of Goods and Amazon Payouts. And you can show these by • Overall Totals • Seller Account • Brand • Product Line • Product Name • ASIN • SKU

Here is a brief overview video of the ManageByStats Amazon Software Tool Suite:

You can also see exact numbers for every Amazon two-week payout period – current and past. See your numbers for each payout period by Seller Account, Brand, Product Line and Product.

You also get a  fully searchable customer list with phone numbers, emails and addresses, which can be filtered by Brand, Product Line, ASIN or SKU, and which can be exported as a CSV file with phone numbers and email addresses.

Additionally you get a fully searchable list of orders, and the ability to easily move between orders and customer data, see all the orders from a particular buyer, sort based on number of purchases (find your best repeat buyers with ease), and lots more.

You also get advanced inventory management and re-order notifications, tracking of BuyBox% and Conversion rate for each product, and more.

This is an interview with Philip Jepsen, the founder and CEO of ManageByStats. It was done in early 2015 when ManageByStats was first launched, and much have been added and changed in the software since then, both in terms of design and features. But, the reason for ManageByStats being created in the first place, and the motivation behind why Mr. Jepsen did it, remains the same, so the video is still very relevant in that regard.