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Cut out the TIME in finding your next Amazon product.

MBS Product Retriever:
A Chrome Extension Purpose Built for Amazon Sellers

Review MILLIONS of products with just a few clicks

Search a product genre you’re interested in, engage MBS Retriever and get all the vital information you need to make a decision within seconds  


Enable filters to find only, and ALL, the products you're looking for.

With our filters, you can specify maximums, minimums, include and exclude to your heart’s content. Filtering this powerful puts your next opportunities right at your finger tips.

Finding EPIC products manually is sooooo 2020... Welcome to the future...

What used to take days now only takes minutes. Take the time out of your product research. No more spreadsheet assessments. Get it done with the click of a few buttons.

Download your filtered lists for use later.

By downloading your list, you get every shred of information that you could need or want to make the most educated decision possible on your next, or first, Amazon investment.

How About We Just Show You?

Take a look at our short features video so you can SEE what this tool can do:

Trusted By Some of the Most Prestigious Companies & Coaches in the Industry:

MBS Retriever is free. Download it now.

Take the TIME out of time consuming product research.


Imagine if you will:

You and your laptop, sitting on a beach… WiFi speeds are high… piña coladas are delicious… But instead of starting with a piña colada, you spend a couple minutes finding a potential product and since it only took you MINUTES… you’ve ordered a sample by noon.


Ok… now you get your piña colada… and since you’ve fast-tracked your business already, you’ve got plenty of time to finish that drink, hop on a jet-ski, fall off a jet-ski, realize you like piña coladas more than falling off jet-ski’s and hop back on the beach for another piña colada! All because it took you ZERO time to find your product… life is good! 


MBS Retriever allows you to filter out unwanted product qualities

Filter Only the Products you Want to See

With the click of a button you can determine what the averages statistics are of all the products that met your search criteria instantly giving you an answer to your question: “Is this a good product?” This is so powerful and saves so much time that your socks would have their socks knocked off.

With MBS Retriever you can sort by images

Sort by Images

View just the images so that you can quickly remove any products that are not relevant to your product search. Just click the “x” at the corner of the image and they’re removed from you search results

ManageByStats Product finding reverse ASIN tool - MBS Retriever

Product Price History

See the historical prices of the products you’re interested in selling.

ManageByStats Retriever gives you average sales of the products you searched for

Determine the Averages of the Category

With the click of a button you can determine what the average sales statistics are of all the products that met your search criteria instantly giving you an answer to your question: “Is this a good product?”  This product is ultra-powerful and saves ultra-much time.

Exported revers ASIN data from MBS Retriever

Download your Search Results

After you’ve filtered every bit of information that you’ll need to make an extremely well educated decision on your next product.

MBS Retriever is free. So “buy” it…

The Only Product Research Tool You’ll Ever Need

Let’s take another look at what you get with MBS Retriever:


List Out All The Search Term Results

See a list of search term results with all the information you need to make a quick decision on whether or not it meets your product criteria.


Include or Ignore Ads

Sometimes you want the ads in the search results. Sometimes you don’t… Well you get to decide. With the click of a button turn them on or off.

View by Images Only

Using this method you can quickly remove product from your research results. Then go back to viewing text and see only what you need.


Lots of Filters

Filter out products that do not meet your product research criteria. Filter on pricing, weight, brand… Basically any column of data can be filtered.

Find Your Averages

Sometimes it’s good know what the average sales are over an entire niche. It gives you a quick estimate of the viability of the area.

Revenue Estimates

Based on a magnificent (some may claim magical) amount of data that we acquire, we can make very accurate estimations of product revenue.

"I have been selling on Amazon since 2010 and I remember the old ways... MBS Retriever literally cuts out DAYS of time for my product research."

– D.C.

“The Best Things in Life are Free”

And that’s just the tip of the ManageByStats iceberg…

Tools to get your PRODUCTS out of the gate with a vengeance!

Whether your finding your first product or your 1000th.

Whether you’re trudging your way through your first Amazon listing or you’re ballin’ though it like the Jordan that your are.

These tools can help you do it faster,,, MJ would be proud!

Yes, we WILL help you find your next magical Keyword...

Think your competitors are ranking on keywords you want?

Reverse ASIN to your hearts content… But do it juuuuuuust a bit better…

Learn more here!

Catapult your listings into the stratosphere.

So you have a winning product and the perfect set of keywords…

Now build that listing like Michelangelo built the Sistine chapel…

Learn more here!

What AUTOMATION always wanted to be.

Lets face it, we’d all love to automate our business completely… at least up to 100%… 

We’d all love Terminator juuuuuust before Judgement Day…

We’d all love our own personal Hal 9000… again… with a little less… well. you know…

Anyways… automate away.

Want Amazon to get reviews for you...

Let’s face it, Amazon getting reviews for you could be the greatest sounding thing in the world… but without MBS its a pain in the “you know what”

I think this would even make Amazon proud 🙂

Learn more here!

Have us manage your PPC for you...
Buyer-Seller Messaging for Amazon TODAY.

Taking OPERATIONS to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to up your operations game, we’ve got you covered. 

Yeah, a Swiss watch is a fine machine, but let’s face it, with the right tools, your operations can makes that watch look like something out of a gum ball machine. 

Nothing against the Swiss, they just don’t have MBS…

See it all in one place with our one-of-a-kind Dashboards.

So there’s a lot of information you need to know to run your business… and its DEFINITELY important to see it all in one place.

This could be the one thing you need to make your growth look straight up and vertical…

like ENRON… just without, you know,  the fraud, FBI and prison…

Check it out:

Learn more here!

Know your Key Performance Indicators... all in one place.

We’re pretty sure if you ask any Amazon guru, coach (Yes, even a life coach) or course, they’re all going to agree… you need to know your KPIs.

Seriously ask any coach… even ask Yoda… Yeah, we’d consider him a coach.

Pretty sure he’d say, “Greatest coach ever, I am. KPI tracking, you need.”

Find out more, you must!

Advertise like a professional

The MBS Advertising Manager is built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. You don’t even need to step your digital foot into Seller Central. You can do it all right inside MBS! Thanks… we love you too 🙂

Learn more here!

Ready to take your inventory up a notch?

If Amazon changing the inventory rules every couple months isn’t enough, add COVID into the mix and you’ve got a perfect storm… 

Unless you’re using our inventory tools… then its easy as stealing candy from a baby.

But, seriously, don’t steal from babies… that’s really mean. 

Anyways, make your inventory management easy here:

Check it out!


Hey… Do you Need Other Help?

Don’t have a grasp on PPC?

Amazon PPC is an ever-evolving beast. In its earliest stages it might have been easy but with more features and more competition, you have to be at the top of your game to compete. Rest assured, the subject can be learned and MASTERED. Find out how:

Want someone to manage your PPC for you?

Whether you’re lacking the time, expertise… or the patience, we’ve got a solution for you. Between our experienced PPC managers and our proprietary artificial intelligence, trust your advertising is in the best hands imaginable.

"MBS Retriever simplifies finding new products or products in a certain niche. The ability to filter out unwanted data has taken my searches to a new high!"

– J.C.

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