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Transactions Database: Amazon Seller Transaction Reports


If you’re starting an Amazon business, you’re no doubt using at least a few software tools to help. You’re probably actually using many software tools. In order to get maximum oversight and control, there’s one other tool you simply must have: ManageByStats.

Our product suite includes tools that organize the data of all aspects of your business. Those include the Amazon FBA calculator for inspecting the nuances of your revenues, as well as the Transactions Database tool.

This software generates Amazon seller transaction reports, where you can see all aspects of a transaction from your online business, including the product type, the money made, the gross revenue, and more.

MBS is the software suite you truly need to succeed as an online Amazon business.

If You Sell Stuff On Amazon, MBS Is For You

MBS is a suite of software tools that bring full transparency to your Amazon sales, showing you profit, ROI, margin and so much more. Things for which Amazon Seller Central provides no solutions.

Transactions, in particular, and all the related information that goes with them, can be difficult to pin down in your Seller Central, and ManageByStats provides the resources to simplify them.

Generate Transactions reports by:
Date Range
SKU Tags
Product Line
Individual Product
View Transactions and:
Match customers with Order ID, SKU/ASIN, Payout, Gross Revenue, Feedback and more.
Easily analyze Refunds.
See the financial breakdown of all costs for each order.
Make and save Notes for each Transaction.
View all Transactions for each buyer.
Do all this, as well as maintain full awareness of all Promo Codes, including full statistical reporting for each Code.
MBS transactions view

Make This Part Of Your FBA Business

The Transactions Database tool is part of the core suite of Amazon tools in ManageByStats. All features can be used during the free 14-day trial.

How To Generate Custom Transaction Reports

With ManageByStats you can generate reports of customer transactions using multiple criteria, including:
Date range
Seller Account
Product Line (an MBS-only grouping)
And SKU tags.
ManageByStats dashboard screenshot
1. Set the date range.
2. Select your product(s), product line(s) and/or brand(s).
3. Specify any Additional Filters.
Get Transaction info when you need it, how you need it, and use that reporting to analyze and take action.

Generate Amazon Seller Transaction Reports to Succeed

Amazon seller transaction reports are included in MBS along with many other features. As an Amazon seller, you know all the other areas that you need to monitor to keep your business strong. Our Amazon FBA statistics tool lets you graph data such as your net revenue and ad cost.

Meanwhile, our FBA inventory management software helps you track your business’s supplies and stock. You should be able to see now how the Transactions Database and other tools all work together to help you succeed in Amazon.

Start your free trial today of ManageByStats to see everything our software can do for you.