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Additional Expenses

ManageByStats is not an accounting program, but we do provide as much information as possible for you to manage your business.

A big part of knowing the health of your business is knowing your Profit, and many things can go into that.

COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and Inbound Shipping are two of the most vital bits of info used to determine profitability, and you can learn more about how to add those under the Products > SKUs section of the Knowledge Base.  There can be other, company expenses not covered by direct product costs, which you'd like to factor against sales to more accurately determine profitability.

Additional Expenses is where you can set these values.

Under Statistics > Additional Expenses use the ADD button to add an expense.

You're presented with the New Additional Cost screen.

Here you can add a cost, set a date range across which it applies, make a Note as to what the Expense was, and select how it should be split.

The Split determines how the Cost will be applied when calculating Profit.


By Quantity Sold: splits the Cost equally according to Quantity Sold across the selected items for the period specified in date range.  So, if you sold 50 blue beads, and 20 red beads, an accurate split of the “costs” would be applied and there would be more of the costs associated to the blue beads.

By Sales Revenue: splits the Cost equally according to Sales Revenue across the selected items.  So this would be a similar split to Quantity Sold, but would base the split on “revenue” rather than number of units sold.

By Brand: splits the Cost equally across the selected Brands.  So, in this case, it would split the costs between the different brands selected without concern for how many were sold. It will just evenly split the costs for each brand for the dates assigned.

By Product: splits the Cost equally across the selected Products.  Again, this will not take into account how many were sold for each product - it will just evenly split the costs by product for the dates assigned.


The SKU selector works as in all other areas of MBS.  Click to expand Brands, Product Lines and Products.  Use the Filter Tags option to filter by any assigned tags (see Products > Product Lines & Tags).  Select and add the desired items to Selected Items.  These are the items to which the Cost will be applied.

Note: If no items are selected, the Cost will be applied to the entire account.

Once done, click Add to add that expense.

It will then show in your list of Additional Expenses, and will be calculated using the specified criteria on the Settled Transactions page in the Additional Expense column:

Again, this is not intended for accounting purposes, but can be a very valuable gauge of profitability when factoring in additional expenses.