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The Distiller tool allows you to narrow down a list of keywords so you only end up with an exact list of keywords that you’d want in your listing. You can either enter keywords and work with them in Distiller, or you could use our Keyword Scout tool to  build your keyword list first, and send them to Distiller directly from Keyword Scout.

In the primary Distiller field you can:

Use Distiller to clean up your keywords list before sending it to Wordsmith for use in your listing.



"Off" lists each word once, in order as it's encountered in the list, ignoring phrases.

For example, when selecting "Off", this result:

displays as this:

and so on.

"Automatic phrase detection" is the default.

"Custom phrase detection" has additional options:

In this case you can specify what defines and separates a phrase.



This section gives you options for filtering the keywords list.

Common words would be words like "for", "and", etc.

Check any of the options to see the results of that filter.  Unchecking the selection restores the list.



Search and Replace works similiar to search/replace in any document editing program.

Find words and replace or edit them.

Add Rule lets you stack rules in order to apply multiple changes.



The results section gives you several options to view.

AS IS displays the results in the same order as they appear in the Original Keywords box.

ABC organizes results alphabetically, either ascending or descending.

LENGTH sorts based on the length of the phrase.

FREQUENCY would be for keywords that are repeated.  In the case of Phrases, there are not likely to be repeats, so this sort option may not be used often.

Beneath the Results box, you can Download a text file, and send the results to Wordsmith.

For the downloaded text file, you can choose what to use as the Seperator between each result.

LINE is the default.  You can choose others, if you prefer a different seperator in your output file.

Once you have the Results you're after, click to "Proceed To Wordsmith":