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Decide when/if you want to receive Alerts and/or Sales and Profits notifications, and select which information to include.

These reports are emailed to the logged in user, which will appear in the Email for notifications box.

Daily Mon-Fri: Get a report each day of the week, Monday through Friday, but not weekend.

Daily Sat-Sun: Get a report each day of the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Weekly: Get a report once a week on Monday, with a summary of the prior week.

Monthly: Get a report once a month on the 1st of each month, with a summary of the prior month.

Enabled: Set for each desired notification.  Get them all, get a few, get none.

Alerts: If selected Alerts will be included in the notification email (such as Restock Alerts).

Summary for All Marketplaces: Totals for all Marketplaces will be shown, if you're selling in multiple markets or accounts.

Summary by Marketplace: Each Marketplace or account will appear with its own summary.

Top Products: Select this to show your top performing products in the report, showing Quantity Sold and other info.

Notifications Columns

"Gross Revenue" is the Gross Revenue from Amazon.

"Amazon Payout" is the Payout as reported by Amazon.

"Est. Expenses" comes from Gross Revenue - Payout + Cost + Inbound Shipping + Sales Tax - Marketplace Facilitator Tax

"Est. Net" is Gross Revenue - Est. Expenses - Amazon Ads