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ManageByStats allows you to add users to your account and assign very specific rights, granting access to only the tools, functions and brands you specify.  In this way you can have assigned users perform functions in ManageByStats to assist your business, while at the same time restricting access to those areas you want to keep separate.

For example, say you have a VA (Virtual Assistant) you only want to access keywords, sellermail and customers.  You invite and add the user as below, setting those permissions to allow only the access you specify.

We’ll walk through adding a user and show each step of the process, including assignment of rights and access.


Invite A User

To add a new user fill in the info under Settings > Users and click Add New User.

Select the Role.

There are three initial options to select for Role.

Each comes with a default set of permissions and access, which can be changed later.  For ease of adding users you can opt to go with the default user type that best fits your needs, or further modify it once added by changing permissions.

The rights for each basic Role option are:

Administrator: by default this role assigns full access, with the same rights as the account admin.  Assign this only to users you wish to share full account access and administration.

Viewer: by default this role assigns rights to view all pages and all brands, with no rights to make changes or edit.  User can log in and view info but make no changes.

User: by default this role assigns rights to view and make certain edits and changes to the account, with access to all brands.

One you’ve added the user you can then edit permissions according to need.

When you click to Invite User an email is sent to that email, with a link for them to accept and add their password.

The user appears in your list under Settings > Users.  If desired you can click to edit and add or modify permissions:


Adding Or Modifying Permissions

When you click to edit a user you’ll notice at once that there are options for every single tool, menu item and feature in ManageByStats.

For any Permissions that have Edit or other functions you can assign these as well.  Simply check or uncheck the desired options.

You can further control access by shop, and/or by Brand.


Brand Permissions

Let’s go into a little more detail on assigning access to specific Brands.  If you manage multiple shops or brands in your ManageByStats you can also restrict user access to data having to do with particular shops or Brands.  Or, to put a positive spin on it, you can assign access to those shops or Brands to which you want the user to have rights.

Note that Permissions, the items assigned on the left side of the Edit screen, such as Stats, Graphs, etc., are done once for that user, and will apply to any Brand or Shop to which you assign the user.

In other words, say you assign a user Permissions to Edit and Unsubscribe from the Transaction List.  Let’s say you then also set them with access to Brand X and Brand Y.  That user will be able to Edit and Unsubscribe from the Transaction List for both Brand X and Brand Y.  The Permissions apply for both.  You can grant access to Brand X and Brand Y, but you cannot give the ability to Edit and Unsubscribe to one Brand and not to the other.  Permissions apply to the Brands/Shops for which they have access.

Whatever Permissions you have set apply to all Brands/Shops to which the user has access.

NOTE: You can also choose to show or hide Dashboards for specific users.  See the Adding A Dashboard section for more on sharing Dashboards.