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PPC AI Management

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PPC Logic - Complete ‘Done For You’ PPC Management


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This is the PPC Logic service.  Part of our Consulting suite, it pairs PPC-specific AI (Artificial Intelligence) with advertising experts to deliver a custom Amazon PPC experience.

PPC Logic does the heavy lifting in running, operating and managing the complexities of your PPC advertising while you focus on building and operating your Amazon business.

Use the "Get Pricing Details" button to see which plan applies for each of your Seller Central accounts.

The system will calculate your monthly revenue for the selected Seller Central account, and select the appropriate PPC Logic plan:

Here you can see all Tier prices:

Tier 1 -- $347/mo ------- $10K - $25K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 2 -- $667/mo ------- $25K - $45K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 3 -- $997/mo ------- $45K - $65K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 4 -- $1,247/mo ---- $65K - $85K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 5 -- $1,497/mo ---- $85K - $110K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 6 -- $2,267/mo ---- $110K - $235K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 7 -- $3,367/mo ---- $235K - $835K MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 8 -- $5,167/mo ---- $835K - $1,755,000 MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 9 -- $6,797/mo ---- $1,755,000 - $3,900,000 MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 10 - $9,497/mo --- $3,900,000 - $9,750,000 MONTHLY REVENUE
Tier 11 - $12,497/mo - $9,750,000 - $39,000,000 MONTHLY REVENUE

If you manage more than one Seller Central account in this instance of ManageByStats, you can use the up/down arrow to select other accounts, and the system will perform the calculation on the selected account.

You then click the button to proceed with the selected plan.

After that you'll get the Service Agreement, then the Payment page.

Once the payment is made you'll begin a short setup process to establish the needed connections and access.

Developer access and a user with limited permissions are added so we can get the relevant Advertising info for the selected Seller Central account.

Access & Permissions

Follow the steps to add the Seller ID and Auth Token.

(The Developer and Developer ID fields are prefilled.)

We then need user permissions to access your Campaign Manager.

The instructions will ask you to add the following user:

Where the "XXXX" will be filled with a specific letter/number combination.

View & Edit permission on "Advertising > Campaign Manager"

View Only permission on "Reports > Customer Metrics"

Your PPC Goals

Next you'll give us your PPC Goals, so the consulting service can be tailored to your needs.

You'll have these three options:

Depending on your selection you may be asked to provide additional info.


While those settings are being confirmed you'll want to schedule your onboarding with one of our experts.

Use the link to schedule a time, and get your PPC Logic service kicked off.