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This is the list of your products by ASIN.

This is distinct from the main menu item Products, in that it is simply a list of your products with no other metrics.  Settings | ASINs shows your products, their Brand and Product Line association.  Note that Product Line is exclusive to ManageByStats, and is covered in the Product Line & Tags page in this section.

You can Edit the products and change the associations if desired, along with Name and Product Title.  Note that ManageByStats imports the product name and brand association, so be aware of that when/if making changes.

Clicking the Edit icon gives you a screen with parameters for that ASIN:

Checking the "Exclude From ASINReview" option will set it so that ASIN won't be scanned and updated for Reviews, so it won't show in Products > Reviews.

ASINs are imported automatically by the system.  New ASINs are imported automatically.

Once a product has its first completed transaction on Amazon, ManageByStats sees the ASIN and imports it automatically, usually within a day of the sale.