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Product Tags

Or SKU tags, allow you to further refine your groups.  By assigning Tags to SKUs you can then use those tags to logically group products according to your needs, allowing you to:

and more.  Anywhere the SKU selector exists, you can tailor your selection using the SKU Tags.

Start by creating the tags under Products > Product Tags in your MBS.

Once the tags are created, you can add them to products under Products > SKUs in your MBS.

Click to edit the SKU in question, and add Tags in the Product Tag field:

You’ll then be able to filter by your Tags anywhere you have the SKU Selector.

The following example is under Customers > Generate Report:

And for Graphs, where you can view graphs for One of these or All of these Tags once a tag is selected:

One of these shows results for criteria that match at least one of the specified Tags.

All of these shows results for criteria that match all of the selected Tags.