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This is the snapshot overview of key metrics for your Customers.

See at-a-glance info on Total Customer, Repeat Buyers, Sync'd items and a graph of New Customers Weekly.



This is the full list of all your customers.  Sort and select which columns you'd like to see:


NOTE: As of October 1st, 2019, Amazon no longer provides certain personally identifiable customer information; specifically customer name and address.


You can Sort (A-Z/Z-A) and Search the list, and the top bar lets you jump to the next page or the end, and also provides info on how many records, etc:

Each customer record is a row.  The Number Of Rows tells you how many customers are in your database.

Note:  all customers for all associated shops appear in this list.  The Customer List contains all customer records, including customers from other shops.  For example, if you have a UK and a US shop set up, you will see records for both shops in the Customer List.

If you click the Edit button on any customer row (far right) you get a dialog with additional info on that customer, including the ZIP and other fields that can be edited.

Fields that are grayed out pull and fill data automatically, if available.  White fields can be edited or filled in manually.

If you scroll down to the bottom of any customer Edit box you’ll see order info, along with a Save button:

The Save button will save any changes/edits you’ve made.

The links are live and can be clicked.

Let’s look at a few specific columns.

Opt Out

If you want to opt a customer out of receiving emails, you can do so by Editing the customer and making a selection from the Opt Out pulldown and clicking Save.

When you click the Opt Out pulldown you’ll see two affirmative options:


While ManageByStats is not a full-on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, the Notes field allows you to enter notes for a customer that can be referred to later.


Save views for easy display later:

Helpful column sorting syntax:

= means Equals exactly
e.g. =St. Paul will not show items with North St. PaulWest St. Paul and St. Paul Hills,
but will show records with just St. Paul
> means Greater than e.g. >19.75
>= means Greater than or equal e.g. >=19.75
< means Smaller than e.g. >=19.75
<= means Smaller than or equal e.g. <=19.75
- means From - To (for number columns only) e.g. 19.75 - 39.95
! means Not e.g. !19.75 will show all items that don't have the value 19.75.
!abc will show all rows that don't contain the characters "abc".
"" means Blank (If you want to find the items that have no information in that column, not even 0)
!"" means Not Blank (This shows only the items that have something, even if it is 0.
% matches Any number of characters.  e.g. if you want to find all ASINs that begin with B07 and end with 2, B07%2 will show those records.
_ matches A single character.  E.g. if you want to find a SKU that has 3 as the second character in a SKU list, you would use _3%