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Repeat Buyers

This is a list of customers who have purchased more than once.

The Repeat Buyer list works much like the Customer List with a few distinct columns.

Each row is a customer, and will show the number of purchases they’ve made.  The Number Of Rows at the top of the page tells you how many customers are repeat buyers.  Some of the key columns:

# of Orders Placed

This is how many orders that customer has placed.  If you click on the row for that customer you’ll get a pop-up dialog box with more info.  At the bottom of that box you’ll see a list of each order that customer has placed.

Order IDs are clickable links that will take you to the order in your Amazon Seller Central.  Note that you must be logged into your Amazon Seller Central account (or will need to log in) for this to work.

# Different products (SKUs) purchased

If the customer bought different products this will tell you how many different SKUs they purchased.

# of Items Purchased

Total number of items they purchased.  This may or may not match up with the other two columns.  For example, if the customer bought 9 of product “X” on one order, and then on a second order bought 2 of product “X” and 2 of product “Y”, the numbers would be:

# of Orders Placed = 2

# Different products (SKUs) purchased = 2

# of Items Purchased = 13

Max Orders for one SKU

This is the max number of orders for one SKU, and will be the count for the SKU with the highest number of sales.

Total Value of all Orders Placed

The total value of all orders placed by that customer.  This can be useful for determining how much a particular customer has been worth.

Note: you can also get your Repeat Buyers in a CSV file.  That will be covered in the section Generate Report.