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Getting Older Data

If you have sales activity on Amazon further back than the year of info you get when you first sign up for ManageByStats, you can create settlement reports to pick up that older data.  Amazon allows us to get data from settlement reports in 6-month blocks. We can get data for longer ranges than 6 months, but we can only get it when you generate multiple settlement reports that cover up to 6 months each.

When you create a settlement report, we pick up that transaction info in our overnight process.  The data from the report then appears in ManageByStats the following day.

In order to create reports to get older data, you’ll need to generate each report with a date range of no more than 6 months.  For example, if you need 1 ½ years of data, you’d generate 3 reports, each covering a 6 month date range. If you need 15 months of data you’d generate two 6-month reports and one 3-month report, etc.

Follow these steps to create settlement reports for older transactions.

  1. First, determine how far back you currently have transactions in ManageByStats.  In your MBS go to Transactions, and sort by Settlement Date.

  2. Find the earliest settlement date and write it down.  That’s how far back MBS currently has data for your account.

  3. In your Amazon Seller Central go to Reports > Payments.

  4. Select Date Range Reports, then click the Generate Report button.

  5. The “Generate date range report” dialog comes up. Leave Report type of “Transaction” selected, and choose Custom, as you’ll be specifying a custom date range.  Each report will be for no more than a 6 month range, and you’ll do as many as you need to go back as far as you want to gather data from Amazon.

  6. In the To: field put the earliest transaction date from MBS, the one you wrote down in step 2.

  7. You then want to set the From: date 6 months prior to that.  A convenient way to do that it is to click the From: field and start by entering the same To: date.  You can then use the Month setting at the top and click back 6 times. That will take the From: date back exactly 6 months from the To: date.

  8. Once you’ve got the From: and To: set, click to Generate the report.

  9. If you need to do more, click Generate Report and do the next 6-month block back.  Use the From: date of the report you just did and make that the To: date, then go back 6 months for your From: date, and so on.

  10. When you’re done, MBS will then see those reports when it does its overnight processing and bring in the data for those ranges.

  11. The following day you'll see those transactions in your ManageByStats.

Note that if you create those reports in your Amazon Seller Central, ManageByStats will pick them up in the nightly run, and update your account by the following day.  You can also do that if you’re missing data for a particular range. In this way you can get older Amazon sales data into your ManageByStats.