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To get your Seller Feedback please download our MBS Plugin for Chrome.  You’ll need to use the Google Chrome browser for the plugin.

The plugin runs in your Chrome Browser and allows you to gather Feedback and Reviews, which are then inserted for use into your ManageByStats.

To get the plugin, while in Chrome go here:

MBS Chrome Plugin

Click to Add to Chrome.  (Note: If you already got the plug-in it will show “Added To Chrome”.)

Once added you’ll see an icon in the top right of the browser for the MBS Plugin.  When you click it the plugin will expand:

In that same Chrome browser, open a tab and log into your ManageByStats.

Go to Customers > Feedback.

If you're not logged into Seller Central, in the same Chrome browser, open a new tab and log into your Amazon Seller Central.

Refresh the screen.

When you're logged into Seller Central in the same browser, if you click the Download New Data button it will update your customer Feedback.



The following are important things to observe when running the plugin.