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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a set of metrics pre-selected based on what we've determined to be the four (4) statistics that most reflect the overall health of your Amazon business:

Tracking trends for these four metrics gives a good indication of the real-time health of the business. Sessions and Conversion Percentage show traffic to Amazon listings and how well those listings are turning into sales.  Profit shows the profitability of the account, and Average Review gives an indication of how the products are doing in terms of customer response. These four metrics have been shown to be key for taking the pulse of an Amazon business.

Note: Avg. Review is the sum of review values divided by the number of reviews for the time period shown. The final value is contributed to only by those two factors.

Hover over a blank space on the Dashboard, click the “+” sign and select KPI from the Add Dashlet dialog:

You get a selection box where you can:

Click ADD Dashlet and the KPI Dashlet appears on your Dashboard:


Another function of the KPI dashlet is that when added each includes the related sub-graphs.

For example, Conversion % includes graphs for:

Not Just Knowing - Doing

When it comes to KPIs knowing is half the battle.  What affects these numbers?  And, more importantly, what can you do to turn them around?

To help you actually manage your Amazon business ManageByStats includes an instructional PDF with each KPI:

Clicking those icons brings up a PDF specific to that KPI, with guidance on not only what causes that stat to rise or fall, but steps you can take to get it headed in the right direction.

Make use of this additional insight on the KPI Dashboard page to drive your Amazon business toward expansion.