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There are a few things to do before getting started configuring your SellerMail.

Creating Your Profile

This is where you set your Email Sender info.  You can set multiple profiles.

A couple of things to note.

  1. The email you use must be an Approved Sender in your Amazon Seller Central.  The Profile "Send-from Email Address" will be used to send the email, and it must be an Approved Sender in your Amazon.  Use the Click Here link for info on how to confirm and set that in Amazon.
  2. The specified Test Sample Email Address is the email address to which any test messages will be sent.


To add a new profile click the Add button (note the Click Here link in the IMPORTANT note; that shows an example of adding an Approved Sender in Amazon):

If you have many profiles, you can search your list of profiles by using the search fields in the column headers.

You can also click to edit an existing profile, or delete one.

When you click to Add you get the following:

Fill in the fields.

Sender Name:  will be the name of the profile.  Use a logical name.  Note that this will show in Test emails, but for messages sent to the customer the system will show your company name as the From.

Send-from Email Address:  is the From Email that will be used.

Note: as noted above, the Send-from Email must be an email that is an authorized user in your Amazon Seller Central.  The user must be authorized to send emails from Amazon.  If you use a Send-from Email that is not an authorized sender in Amazon, your messages will not be sent.

Example, you use “” as the Send-from Email.  You must then add “” as a user in your Seller Central, and make sure that user has the right to send emails.

Here’s an example of how it works:

And so it goes.

Logo File:  if selected.  If you have a logo uploaded, you can insert the ${logo} variable in the body of your email.  There is no size spec on the logo file, but you can experiment by inserting it in the email body and sending yourself test messages to see how it looks and making adjustment.

Logo files should be JPG or PNG file types.  They will display at the rendered size, so you might need to experiment with the size as inserted into messages until you get the look you’re after.

RECOMMENDATION: Start with a logo file size of 350 pixels wide and see how that looks.  Then adjust from there.

Test Sample Email Address:  the email that test emails are sent to (Save & Test).

Use Profiles to set your Sender Profile in your Rules.

Additional Info

Note:  SellerMail works for all countries supported by ManageByStats.  Before you start any work in SellerMail, if you have more than one Seller Account, please make sure you are working in the correct account by using the drop-down menu in the lower left corner to select the account you want to work in.

Any SellerMail work you do is specific to the Seller Account you are working in at the time.

For example, if you have a UK account and want to configure SellerMail for that shop, select the UK shop before working in SellerMail.  This only applies if you have more than one shop.  See Settings | Seller Accounts for more on shops.

Next let’s look at how to create Email Rules.