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SellerMail Basics & Hub

SellerMail is an automated email notification system that lets you create custom messages for your buyers and specify when they will be sent.

Messages are set to trigger in response to specified events, such as a Purchase, Delivery, etc.

The Hub is the first page you see in the SellerMail section, and gives you a snap-shot view of key info:

Before getting started it’s helpful to take a look at an overview.

The basic sequence of SellerMail is as follows:

  1. Activate SellerMail.  (Note, you may already have activated for the Review Request feature; check that section in this KB.)  Click SellerMail and follow the steps to either add the free version, which is 1,000 free emails each month, or select the volume plan that will work best for you.
  2. Create your Profile and a Rule and Test it.
  3. Once satisfied with the tests set Rules to Active.
  4. Check under Sent and Scheduled and tweak Rules as needed.
  5. Monitor Statistics to see how Rules are performing.
  6. Enjoy the results of personalized, automated customer service emails.