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ManageByStats offers an Advertising tool within the program which you can use to monitor campaigns, ad groups and keywords.  It runs right within your MBS.

Save time while managing your campaigns effectively, with full control and easy views from big-picture down to detailed specifics and clear recommendations that you can accept or modify, then implement with a single click.

If you haven't yet enabled it, you'll see the option in your Advertising menu to trial it for 14 days free.



Let’s take a quick look at the main sections of the Advertising Manager, then explore each feature in more detail.

The Ads Manager mirrors the hierarchy you find in your Amazon Seller Central Campaign Manager.


Campaigns:  This corresponds to the top-level Campaigns section in Seller Central, with unique additions.  It is where you can see your campaigns, pause and set them active. Create and save custom views.

Ad Groups:  The next level down from Campaigns.  View and set default bids for Ad Groups, see comparative date ranges, view historical record of bid changes.

Ads:  The next level down from Ad Groups.  See Ads by SKU and ASIN.

Keywords:  See Keywords, their bids and their performance.  View and set bids, see comparative date ranges, view historical record of bid changes.

Negative Keywords:  Add and adjust Negative Keywords.


(NOTE: Amazon makes ongoing validation adjustments to Advertising data. These adjustments are made in order to take into account sales attribution and other data as it's confirmed. This is a good thing and ensures accurate Ads data. Data you see today may therefore change slightly over the next few days as Amazon makes these adjustments. Data further back than 3 days should not change.)


Keywords & Settings


Ad Groups