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Hub & Campaigns


When you go into the Advertising menu the landing page is your Advertising Hub.

This is a dashboard of sorts dedicated to your advertising metrics.

Select which Seller Account to view and get a snapshot of the health and status of your PPC campaigns.


In the MBS Ads Manager, Campaigns, you can:


Creating and Saving Custom Views

Use the Date Range and Columns options to create a custom view.

You can save multiple Views.  Select the columns and options you'd like to see, then click the Save Current View:

Previously saved Views will appear in this list, and can be selected.


Bulk Actions

Click the Action button to get a dropdown of bulk actions you can perform on your campaigns.

Raise, Lower and Set Daily Budget by a fixed dollar amount, or Raise and Lower by a percentage.

Note, these actions apply across all Campaigns.


View Range Comparisons

You can see prior periods for the same Campaign in order to do comparisons.

You’ll notice each campaign has a set of orange chevrons to the left of the campaign name and Status info.

Clicking the chevrons shows or hides additional rows you’ve selected:

To add or remove additional lines click the settings wrench:

Clicking that brings up a dropdown with more options.

Select the comparison ranges you’d like to see, and they will appear as additional rows under the main campaign row when the chevrons are clicked.


Bid History

You can click the Bid History icon to see a history of bids for that Campaign:

If enough info exists, a graph of chahges will also be displayed.



This is what you would like your ACoS to get to (Target Advertising Cost of Sales).

Starting off you may want to have this be your Profit Margin %, which would mean you're aiming to break even on your ads (spending all profit on advertising).

If your Target ACoS was less than your Profit Margin, you’re aiming to make a profit on your Ads.

If your Target ACoS is set above your Profit Margin, this would mean you’re aiming to be aggressive and spend any profit and more for ranking purposes.

If you've set TACOS to be the same as what you know to be your profit margin on the product, the TACOS Gain/Loss column will show the approximate profit or loss on this on this Campaign/AdGroup/Keyword.

Using the “Columns” button, choose the TACOS column for the Performance section, then select TACOS Gain/Loss for the desired AS (Attributed Sales) section.

You will then see the profit or loss based on your target.

Click "Detail" at the end of any row to see more info on that campaign: