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Transactions List

This is a list of all transactions, formatted similarly to the Customer List, with Columns selection options.

Most of the column headers are self-explanatory, and you’ll notice that some of the links in certain columns are clickable.

Let’s talk about each of the items that can be clicked.

Helpful sorting symbols:

= means Equals exactly
e.g. =St. Paul will not show items with North St. PaulWest St. Paul and St. Paul Hills,
but will show records with just St. Paul
> means Greater than e.g. >19.75
>= means Greater than or equal e.g. >=19.75
< means Smaller than e.g. >=19.75
<= means Smaller than or equal e.g. <=19.75
- means From - To (for number columns only) e.g. 19.75 - 39.95
! means Not e.g. !19.75 will show all items that don't have the value 19.75.
!abc will show all rows that don't contain the characters "abc".
"" means Blank (If you want to find the items that have no information in that column, not even 0)
!"" means Not Blank (This shows only the items that have something, even if it is 0.
% matches Any number of characters.  e.g. if you want to find all ASINs that begin with B07 and end with 2, B07%2 will show those records.
_ matches A single character.  E.g. if you want to find a SKU that has 3 as the second character in a SKU list, you would use _3%


NOTE: As of October 1st, 2019, Amazon no longer provides certain personally identifiable customer information; specifically customer name and address.


Order ID

The order IDs are linked to the Amazon order info and will take you to your Seller Central account and the order details.

Note, you’ll need to be logged into your Seller Central account or log into it when you click the link.

Contact Name

Clicking the link will open that customer’s contact info in a new tab.


This is the spyglass button:

The Track button connects to the applicable carrier, and when the tracking info is available will take you directly to their site and the tracking info for that order.

Other Buttons

To the far right on each Transaction line you’ll also see two other buttons:

These are Edit and Unsubscribe.

The edit button brings up a dialog for that transaction which will display more fields of information.  You can add Notes, see all other Transactions for that receiver and more.

As with Customer records, the Transaction record dialog box will expand the information available for that record, and includes links to Seller Central for the order(s) placed.

The mail icon is an Unsubscribe button and gives you a way to manually unsubscribe a user either from that order, or from any orders.

If you have an order number you can search for that transaction here, under Transactions, and you can click the button to get the option to either unsubscribe the customer altogether, or just unsubscribe them from any more emails having to do with that order.

When you click the Unsubscribe button you get two options:

Click the appropriate button and the Unsubscribe will be applied.

See also SellerMail for more on the Unsubscribe function.


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