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GEO Analyze

This section allows you to do an analysis of purchases by region.

The default will show all products for all time, but you can narrow your analysis by date range and product(s):

(1) Click the Additional Filters button

(2) Select the product you want to view

(3) They're added to the Selected Items box

Click Filter and the results are then displayed.

The MFT (Marketplace Facilitator Tax) column will show states where Amazon collects and remits sales tax on the seller's behalf.  That value will show there, as a payment made, as well as a payment collected in the Sales Tax Collected column.

Note: MFT is done automatically by Amazon.  MFT values are taxes Amazon both collects and remits.  ManageByStats merely shows the values.

In order to see Sales Tax Collected for other, non-MFT states, you'll need to have Tax Settings enabled in your Amazon Seller Central.  Taxes collected on your behalf will then show in the Sales Tax Collected column.  Otherwise, if you've chosen not to enable tax collection, values in that column for non-MFT states will show zero.  How you choose to set your Tax Settings in Amazon is up to you, and should probably be done in consultation with a tax attorney.