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Launch Tracker

Launch Tracker gives you the insight you need into key metrics when launching a product on Amazon.

MBS pulls the info you need over the date range you specify for the selected product, displaying that info for your review.

To get started, select a product from the Tracked ASINs list:

NOTE: We don't collect data on a product until it is sold.  If you don’t see the ASIN you wish to track, use the Missing Products Downloader to make it available to Tracker

Click Add.

Next choose a Start Date for your evaluation:

Note: You will be limited in how far back you can set the Start Date based on available data for evaluation.  Typically it will not be able to go back more then 60 days.

Click the "TRACK" button and Launch Tracker brings back day-by-day info from the Start Date coming forward.

It can be 4 days before data is collected and displayed.  This is relative to how far back you’ve set the Start Date

Advertising Spend, and therefore Cost per Unit and ACOTS can lag by as much as 4 days due to the data availability from Amazon.  If desire, the Ad Spend can be inserted manually and the calculations will work on that.

The info presented is key for evaluating the success of a product launch.  Key data presented is:

Rebate Order Example

Rebate Orders are only that and do not come under either of the Sales headings (PPC or Organic)


You can also add notes for each day.

In this way you're able to accurately track and evaluate the performance of each launch.