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MBS Chrome Extension

ManageByStats features a Chrome Extension, which we recommend you get.  It's free, and can be installed instantly in your Chrome browser with one click.

The Extension can be used to gather Review and Feedback info, as well as for updating graphs and other data.

An extension is a small application that runs right in the Google Chrome browser, and is a convenient way to add robust features seamlessly to web-based services.  The MBS Extension runs in the Google Chrome browser.

The Extension lets you:

See the sections below.

Get The Extension

To get the MBS Chrome Extension go here (while in Google Chrome):

MBS Chrome Extension

Click to Add to Chrome.  (Note, if you’ve already added the plugin it will show “Remove from Chrome”.)


Once added you’ll see an icon in the top right of the browser for the MBS Extension.

Using The Extension

When you click it the extension will expand and ask you to log into MBS:

Initially, you'll see this when you login:

Notice that this example says (Report up to date) in most of the selections.  This statement of the status is based on “from the last time run” which, in this case, was yesterday.

Update Graph Data

In order to fill in missing data from a prior time period, you need to set a start date. Rule of thumb is to set the date a few days prior to the date that needs to be corrected.

In this example, let's say we need to acquire a data point on Graphs for 3.Apr.2019, so we'll set the date two days prior (1.Apr.2019).  The manner in which Amazon reports data to MBS makes this a good practice so you don’t miss anything.

Settlement Report shows transactions of any kind that are closed.  “Closed” in Amazon’s terms is “money has cleared and product has shipped.”  Results in Transactions and Statistics can take between 4 and 12 hours to be reflected in MBS due to the scheduling of delivery on the Amazon side.

Sales And Traffic Report comes from the Amazon Business Report and helps fill in some of the data in Graphs.  Items such as Quantity Ordered, Sales, Buy Box and others come from these two reports: Business and Settlement Reports.  In practice, it's generally ideal to select both together, although you can also select all three (Settlement, Sales and Business) as shown above.

Update Reviews & Feedback

Feedback Export, depending on the last time collected, can take a while to completely upload.  Overnight is not uncommon if the number to download from Amazon is large.

Reviews and ASIN Relations Export usually downloads to MBS within a couple of hours and generally within minutes of running.


If all you want to do is to update your Reviews, which show in Products > Reviews in MBS, there are two ways to do it.

One is to simply go to that page in MBS and, at the bottom of the page, set the date to before the last update (as seen at the top of the page) and click Download Data. Being logged into Seller Central is not required if you perform this task in this way.

The second way is to be logged into Seller Central, MBS and click on the Chrome Extension icon and select Reviews and ASIN Relations Export and then set the date in the same way as above.  Using either method works, but there are fewer steps if you use the utility at the bottom of the Product > Reviews page.

In your ManageByStats, Products > Reviews, click the Download new reviews button.

Progress indicators will show progress, and progress info will clear and indicate no task in the queue when completed.

Wait a few minutes and refresh your MBS Products screen, and you should see the updated Review list has at least started to download.

Note that this can take some time to complete, and it may not get absolutely every review.


The following are important things to observe when running the extension.

Missing Products Download

You can also download products, if they've not been updated in your MBS.

Log into your MBS Chrome Extension

  1. Ensure “Use custom extraction settings” is checked

  2. By default, all boxes are checked. Uncheck “select all”

  3. Select “Missing Products Downloader” (If it says “Report up to date”, this can be safely ignored)

  4. Click on Fetch

This should take only a short period of time to complete unless you are trying to import hundreds of products.

You may not see the products for a number of hours, but usually this should be relatively quick.

All your yet-unsold products should now be available in ManageByStats.




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