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Product Lines

Product Line is unique to ManageByStats.  This is a way to further categorize and group your products.  Whereas Amazon has:

With Product Line we’ve added a third option, so you can group your products as so:

You don’t have to use the Product Line option.

However, if you choose to, you can create Product Lines in order to intelligently group your products.

For example.  Say you have a brand called “Office Master”, which sells office supplies.  In Amazon you have a Brand and Products, so it might look something like this:

Using Product Lines you can create a more detailed hierarchy:

Where Writing Instruments and Desk Items are Product Lines created by you.

Create a Product Line by clicking the orange “+” and giving it a Product Line Name and associating it with a Brand.

Once that’s done you can go to Settings | ASINs and associate your products with the new Product Line.




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