Amazon Finances

Know Your True Amazon Profit Numbers

Amazon Eating Your Profits?

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you need an FBA calculator to know which ones are getting you the most profit, and which are eating it up.

And you need to know all the fees that come out of your profits. Otherwise you you get an incorrect idea of how much money you get to take home at the end of the day.

Our Amazon Finances tool gives you clarity, at a glance, all the way down to the penny.

Your At-A-Glance FBA Calculator

From your overall Sales Revenue, you can see how this breaks down to what Profit you keep at the end of the day. So you can see what comes out before you get paid:


  • FBM Shipping Fees
  • Refunds
  • Amazon Service Fees
  • Promo Rebates
  • Amazon Advertising Costs
  • Etc, etc, etc.
Finances Overview

Amazon shows you revenue, but it tells you nothing of your Profits. High revenue may sound great, but a high revenue with low profit margins isn’t really great at all.

Don’t Just Know Your Numbers, Know Your Profits!

Know your profits, and you’ll know the health of your Amazon business.

ManageByStats enables you to enter your costs and then the FBA Calculator uses that information to calculate accurately all revenue, returns, and fees to give you your profit and ROI for any given time period.

Finances paint the real picture of how you’re doing, and they’re part of the core suite of Seller Tools in ManageByStats.

How To Know Your Amazon Profit

Profit is a missing element in Seller Central and in most software tools. MBS gives you the means to see an accurate representation of your Amazon Profit.

Want to get an even closer accuracy to your real profits? Enter any “additional costs” you may have in running you business, and our system will automatically apply this to your Profit numbers in the correct manner specified.

Simply Enter Your Cost of Goods

We Do The Rest Automatically

  • See Revenue by Brand, Product Groups or Individual Products
  • See which products get the most Refunds
  • See which have the highest Amazon Fees
  • See which ones are spending the most on Amazon PPC
  • See your “TACOS” by Brand, Group, or ASIN level
  • and so much more!

See Your Profit & Loss Easily

  • See your Profit & Loss comparisons
  • View Profits week to week
  • Month to month,
  • Year to year

Check Out Our Amazon FBA Calculator & Finances Tool

Knowing your profit is one of the many features offered in MBS’s FBA Calculator & Finances Management tool.

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