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Advertising Manager


It’s time to free yourself from Seller Central. With ManageByStats' Advertising Manager, you're in control of your Amazon PPC. From campaigns to keywords, you can manage your ads more efficiently with tools that simplify the basics, provide high-level oversight, insight, Amazon PPC stats, and foresight (no promises on seeing the future, but with the Advertising Manager you may come close!) -- bringing together the resources you need to achieve a new standard of advertising success.


Amazon Ads Made Easy

The goal of effective Amazon advertising is not just to increase sales, but to boost your organic search results (and thereby, your rank on Amazon).

Our sponsored ad management tool makes it easy.
Effortlessly review and make changes to your Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords (and track Keywords with our Amazon master tracking tool), which then updates Seller Central immediately.
Take the time out of your routine keyword bid adjustments with Saved Filters and Views. Set your filters, save the View, and with a click of a button instantly see which keywords need to be addressed.
Use our pre-saved Views to see which keywords are costing you the most money, and, just as important, which keywords are making you money.

Rule Your Amazon Sponsored Products

Take control of your sponsored ads for your hot new Amazon products with our advanced tools. Think of it like this: If Amazon Seller Central's advertising tools are the car you get from the dealership, the MBS Advertising Manager is that same car converted to a hot rod and ready to race!

With our sponsored ad management tool, you can do so much more.
See your Keyword Bid History graphed so you know the exact effects of your adjustments.
Use our Scheduling feature to pause keywords or Boost bids on any hourly schedule you like. Intelligent Scheduling helps you get the most out of your ad spend dollars.
Set your Target ACoS (what you'd like it to get to) and we'll show you how much you're gaining or losing compared to that, instead of just working off of ACoS.
Automatic Bid Adjustments can be turned on after setting Target ACoS. Our AI system will start adjusting your bids every day to meet those targets.

Targeted Amazon Marketing Is Possible

If you sell items on Amazon in more than one market or manage more than one brand, you need to manage your Amazon ads for all of them. ManageByStats has you covered. With Advertising Manager, you can manage your Amazon advertising strategy for your brands, markets, and accounts from a single login.

ManageByStats' Advertising Manager gives you everything you need to win with more tools than Seller Central, more features, and more ways to oversee and manage your Amazon Ads.

Become An Amazon Advertising Master

Your friends will think you've mastered Amazon advertising, and they won't be wrong. With the ManageByStats Advertising Manager, you can honestly say that you have.

Make it easier on yourself. Reduce, or even eliminate, time spent managing your Amazon PPC. Automate tasks that otherwise demand attention and resources. Enjoy full control and easy views from the big picture down to detailed specifics, along with clear recommendations that you can implement with a single click. Our Amazon reporting software lets you stay organized in all aspects of your business.

The Amazon Advertising Manager is in your ManageByStats.

Trial it for free along with the full suite of MBS tools. No credit card required.

How To Set A Target ACoS

ACoS, or Advertising Cost of Sales, is one of the key metrics for Amazon advertising.

With additional tools not provided by Seller Center, the ManageByStats Advertising Manager lets you manage the following:
Ad Groups
Negative Keywords
MBS advertising keywords screenshot
You may want to set your Target ACoS to your Profit Margin percentage when starting off, which would mean you're aiming to break even on your ads (spending all profit on advertising).

If your Target ACoS was less than your Profit Margin, you're aiming to make a profit on your Ads.

If your Target ACoS is set above your Profit Margin, this would mean you're aiming to be aggressive and spend any profit and more for ranking purposes.

Once you've set the Target ACoS, you can then set Automated Bidding.

Toggle On/Off Automated Bidding for desired Keywords. Here's one toggled On:
MBS performance screenshot
When On, keyword bidding changes will be done daily (as needed) to move the ACoS close to the Target ACoS value.

The ManageByStats system does this by looking at the 7-day ACoS for the 14-day period that ended 3 days ago, then adjusting the bid by comparing Target ACoS to ACoS.

If ACOS is more than 5% higher or lower than TACOS, the bid is adjusted.

If ACOS is higher than TACOS, the system lowers the bid by 5%.

If ACOS is lower than TACOS, the system raises the bid by 5%.

This is one of the many additional Amazon Ad Management tools found in ManageByStats.

And there's more. MBS has a University. If you're interested in learning more about PPC, and creating winning Amazon ad campaigns, check out our 23-video course covering everything from the most basic to the most advanced ...

To help guide you with your Amazon advertising, ManageByStats also has a University. If you're interested in learning more about PPC and creating winning Amazon ad campaigns, check out our 23-video Amazon Sponsored Ads course.