Customer Database:

Know Your Customer Audience Types

For Accurate Amazon Marketing, Know Your Customers

When it comes to doing Amazon marketing, one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle, if not the most important, is full awareness of your customer info.

If you use Amazon to fulfill your orders then knowing your customers–being able to find any and all information on them rapidly–becomes paramount for any understanding of not only what they might want to buy in future purchases, but for customer service and many other aspects of your business, all the way up to and including your marketing efforts.

Repeat Buyers

Increase Your  Repeat Buyers

Your job as an Amazon seller doesn’t end right after you make a sale. You have to keep up with existing customers to ensure they remain satisfied and become repeat customers.

For example, our Amazon Review Request automation helps you to view and respond to the reviews of your Amazon customers. This will help you monitor customer satisfaction after purchases.

In this vein, our Customer Database tool can be vital to your business.

Customers Are The Key To Your Amazon FBA Business

ManageByStats makes it easy. Whereas making the connection with customer info in Seller Central can be tedious, if not sometimes near impossible, MBS makes it fast and simple.

  • Match customers with orders instantly.
  • Search and find all customer info using a painfully simple and intuitive interface.
  • See customer order history.
  • Keep customer notes.
  • Find your most valuable customers; see Lifetime Value and your repeat customers; see how many times they’ve purchased each product and how much they’ve spent.
  • Generate customer lists based on products purchased, date of purchase, sales region and more.

See your Refund information, track the number of new customers weekly, and take advantage of one of the most comprehensive suites of Amazon seller analytics software in the industry.

ManageByStats was created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, and we’ve made customer awareness central to our software.

The Customer Database tools are part of the core of MBS tools, and they’re part of the 14-day free trial.

An At-a-Glance View of Your Customers

In MBS you have a snapshot of key customer metrics, making it easy to quickly see how you’re doing in terms of customer growth, repeat buyers, and weekly acquisition of new customers to your brand.

Getting the overall picture, you can see where you need to invest your marketing dollars to make sure your brand expands

Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From

Doing Google or Facebook Ads? If so, you can narrow your advertising efforts to just those States or Countries where you’re getting the most customers.

Easily Geo-Analyze where your customers are coming from, so you get better Cost Per Acquisition of new customers!

Increase Your Marketing Automatically

With our synchronization features, you can have your customer audience automatically connected up to a Facebook Custom Audience, and have it automatically updated every day, as you continue to get new customers.

Want to get your Email Marketing game on point? ManageByStats enables you to connect up to MailChimp and automatically update your customers every day, so your off-Amazon marketing efforts can help you get more and more sales!

Easily Find Customer Data With Our Customer Database

ManageByStats has one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive Customer Database tools in the industry. From our customer data software to our Amazon product analytics tool, we cover the whole Amazon journey. This, along with many other tools, are included in MBS.

Start your free trial today to see everything ManageByStats has to offer.