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Customer Engagement 101: I have my customer info, now what?

So you have your customer info, either through a marketing data service like Bullfrog Data, or from collecting it directly on your site, through customer interactions or some other means … basically, however you did it, you have your full customer info, names, addresses, emails, maybe even phone numbers …What now?

You’ve Got Options

Full customer info is a goldmine. With it a multitude of options for customer engagement become possible. Things like:
  • Direct Targeting on Google and Facebook
  • Look-alike audiences on Google and Facebook
  • Email campaigns 
  • Postcards/Mailings
  • SMS marketing through ManyChat
All that, in addition to increased company valuation. That’s right. Not only can you now reach your audience, with full customer info your business suddenly becomes much more valuable -- sometimes by several multiples.Not to mention the fact that such a goldmine opens up opportunities for future enterprises. Whatever next business you start comes pre-loaded with your customer prospects.It’s clear that with complete customer records you’re holding all the cards.And so, with so many options, what’s the best way to take advantage?

Breaking It Down

In this, our Customer Engagement series, we’ll cover each of the above options in its own, brief article. Each will be concise, with the idea of getting you started with that particular method of engaging with your customers.With full customer info the entire world of marketing opens up for you.We’ll start with Direct Targeting.

Direct Targeting

As different from look-alike audiences, direct targeting is going after the audience you specify. It can be done on Facebook and Google and other platforms, and the more customer info you provide the more effective the campaign.This method will reach only the audience you specify, which makes it a hugely valuable way to deliver your message. Say you have a coupon or a special you want to offer only to certain customers. How do you make them aware?Email is great, and with email addresses you can certainly do that, but how about doubling up? Tripling up? People don’t always read emails, but what if you’re also putting a message in front of them on Facebook? Or targeting specific ads when they search Google?If you have your full customer info you can create a specific audience and have it shown only to the audience you want.Direct targeting gives you that additional arrow in your quiver. One aimed directly and only at the target you intend to hit.We did a 16 minute training on using Direct Targeting, and you can watch it here:

A New Reality

Missing customer info -- whichever info it be, address, email, phone number -- sets you back in your ability to reach your audience. The less you’re able to reach them … well, it’s obvious what a dent that puts in your ability to market and sell.Having full info, on the other hand, puts you at the top of the advantage heap. Your next challenge then becomes making the best use of it. Direct targeting is one method for engaging your customers, along with the others mentioned above, which we’ll cover in this series.For now breathe a sigh of relief. If you have full customer info it’s like having a full tank of gas.Where you go from there is up to you.