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Keyword Distiller


Distiller is the tool you need in order to refine massive lists of target keywords into high-performing sale-getters.

On Amazon, keywords are the fuel that fires sales. In that analogy Distiller is the purifier that delivers the highest octane gas you can burn.

How’s it work?

Enter keywords directly and work with them in Distiller, or use Keyword Scout to build your keyword list first, then send them to Distiller for refining.

With Distiller, you can detect keyword phrases automatically, switch them to single words if desired, and so much more!

Refine Massive Lists Into High Performing Keywords

Remove the clutter- Apply filters to take out the clutter: remove ASINs, duplicate words, random numbers, single letters or single words, and sort by search popularity.
Search and replace - Remove common unwanted words from your lists fast to significantly improve your selected keywords for ranking in the A9 search engine.
Optimize rapidly - Download your optimized list for external use, or send directly to our Wordsmith tool to optimize your listing immediately with your top ranking keywords.

‍Rapidly fine-tune massive keyword lists in seconds. Quickly, easily, effectively finalize results.
Then get them into use so they, in turn, start flooding traffic to your listing.