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Keyword Scout


Interrogate any ASIN, yours or your competitors, and discover exactly what keywords are being used and how they’re performing.

Instantly find thousands of high-converting, top ranking Amazon keywords to get your product visible on Amazon.

Enter an ASIN and uncover keywords for both organic and sponsored results and evaluate exact keyword search rank.

Unlock Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy

Keyword Rank - See what keywords your competitors show up for with the highest Search Frequency Rank (Amazon's assigned rank for a search terms popularity when compared to all other search terms).
Position - Discover which keywords your competitors rank for, giving you new insights into keywords you may have not considered before.
Find keyword gaps - Evaluate which search terms have the least competitors to maximize your ranking efforts, gaining vital ranking positions for many keywords.
Filter out the clutter - Use our advanced filters to fine tune your keyword research: include or exclude words; compare multiple competitor data against one product; and filter by word count for long-tail phrases to flank the ranking efforts of your competitors.
Keyword awareness is one of the most important things you need in order towin on Amazon.

What’s Your Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

With Keyword Scout you’re equipped to quickly and easily do an amazing amount of research on the keywords you are -- and should be -- ranking for.

That information can then be processed using our Distiller tool, or sent directly to Wordsmith, which are the other tools in our suite of listing optimization resources.

Keyword Scout is in ManageByStats.  Get started with it today.