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Reverse ASIN Tool: Keyword Scout

Harvest Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Keywords In A Flash

Add one or more ASINs into the search bar and Keyword Scout will scour the listing for every keyword.

Instantly see what keywords the product is ranking for, indexed for, and how well it’s been optimized for keywords that have a high search volume.

Again, at-a-glance information to make selling on Amazon easier.

Reverse ASIN lookup tool

How About We Just Show You?

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The Only Research Tool You'll Ever Need

Let’s take another look at what you can do with our Amazon keyword research tool:

Find search terms that you didn’t even know were a thing…

Our Amazon keyword research tool knows exactly where your competitors place their keywords. Keyword Scout is able to harvest from both the front-end (what the customer sees) and the back-end (Seller Central) for a complete list of usable Amazon search terms.

Finding keywords manually is sooooo 2013. Welcome to the future… errr present…

What used to be hours of painstakingly scrolling up and down listings now only takes minutes. No more opening 300 browser tabs and crashing your laptop. Get it done with a few clicks.

Filter out unwanted data. Filter in wanted data…

Include or exclude keywords. Filter out products with too many competing products. View products only within a certain Search Frequency Rank range. Exclude search terms that are not relevant to your listing.

Target The Right Phrases With Keyword Scout

At ManageByStats, we have the software that you need to sell your products on Amazon successfully. Keyword Scout is included with ManageByStats. Start your free trial of ManageByStats today to see how this FBA keyword tool can improve your business.

You already have the right products, now you need to start using the right keywords. With Keyword Scout, you’re equipped to quickly and easily do an amazing amount of research on the keywords that you are, or should be, ranking for. Let our keyword research tool for Amazon become an asset for your business and get your products noticed.

ManageByStats has various Amazon seller tools that can help improve your sales while making your job easier. The information obtained using Keyword Scout can be processed using Distiller, our Amazon keyword refinement tool, or sent directly to our Amazon listing optimization tool, Wordsmith. Use these tools to transform the way you sell on Amazon.

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Clawing Your Way to The Top, or Keeping The Wolves At Bay

Keyword Scout makes it possible to do all of this and more. Whether you’re keeping on eye on your competition’s listings, unlocking their keyword strategy or optimizing your listing to perfection, Keyword Scout has you covered. Here’s some of what you can do with Keyword Scout:


Keyword Rank

See what keywords your competitors show up for with the highest Search Frequency Rank (Amazon’s assigned rank for a search term’s popularity when compared to all other search terms).

Then use this to optimize your ranking efforts, so you’re targeting the right keywords to take over your competitors position on Page 1.

KW Scout Ranking
KW Scout Competitors


Keyword Gaps

Evaluate which search terms have the least competitors to maximize your ranking efforts, gaining vital ranking positions for many keywords without having to brake the bank on competing with competitor’s advertising.

Think smarter, not harder. And gain the unfair edge over your competitors!

Filter Out

Keyword Clutter

Use our advanced filters to fine-tune your keyword research. Include or exclude words, compare multiple competitor data against one product, and filter by word count for long-tail phrases to flank the ranking efforts of your competitors.

Selling on Amazon is all about smart marketing and having a great product. How you target keywords IS YOUR MARKETING. So use it wisely!

KW Scout Filters

Reverse Engineer

Your Own Product

We know… most people only think of using a reverse ASIN tool to spy on their competitors, but why not spy on yourself?

Use Keyword Scout to see how well you’re ranking for your own keywords — and which can get you onto page 1!

And remember… times change. A primary keyword today may have a lower search volume 6 months from now.

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