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Most sellers don't have the tools needed to pinpoint exactly where they're having touble. We're here to help.

MBS Amazon Seller Tools



Your Amazon Dashboard

See your Amazon Profits, KPIs, Inventory

All in One Place

Get quick, at-a-glance info on the vital metrics you need to run your Amazon business.

Create custom dashboards and info dashlets to show you the info you need in real time.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Graphs
  • Sales Statistics
  • Amazon Payouts
  • Restock Alerts

Specify date ranges, arrange dashboard elements by multiple criteria, match them with other elements set to the same time period and compare these to the identical data range last year.

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Your Amazon Finances

Ever wonder how your brand goes from gross revenue down to your actual payout?… and then what of that is profit? MBS Finances makes that a walk in the park.
  • View Amazon’s fees and charges for all of your brands together, separated brand by brand or by products. Not grouped the way you’d like? You can group individual SKUs into Product Lines to see them EXACTLY how you need to. Insight, insight, insight.
  • Sort your products and brands however you’d like. Want to see where you should invest more time and energy? Sort by highest profit. Looking to drop products that are dragging your profit down? Sort by lowest profit. (Coming in early 2022!)
  • Know exactly what you have left over as PROFIT. Track your cost of goods by product, add additional one time expenses or create recurring costs. Whats the goal here? We want you to be able to operate & analyze your business based on profit, not revenue.
  • See a breakdown of what makes up your Total Revenue, what of that you keep, and what of that you lose… and as always, you get the numbers 100% accurate, down to the penny. Love the visuals above? (Coming in early 2022!)

Inventory & Supply Chain

See clear, up-to-date info on what’s in stock, when new stock is arriving and when you need to reorder. Have peaks coming up? Add custom sales increase/decrease predictions so your restock predictions are accurate.
  • Create SKU Tags and Product Lines for easy grouping and sorting.
  • Set max order quantity.
  • Record supplier info, part numbers and lead times.
  • Note case pack and minimum order quantity (MOQ).
  • With MBS Supply Chain, take your inventory tracking to a whole different level. Track products from multiple suppliers, multiple 3PLs or your own warehouse. Do you have products with components? We’ve got you covered. Track all the same locations and stock for the components that make up your products as well. No matter how far along you are with your Amazon brands, ManageByStats has you covered.

Get Started with ManageByStats

Time Saving Features

Whether you’re automating Amazon’s Review Request feature, increasing bids on all keywords for Black Friday, or editing your listing based on keyword research, ManageByStats has a feature that will save you time or automate the process.
  • Automate Amazon’s Review Request feature. Select the SKU’s you want active, hit “add”, and you’re done. We’ll do everything in our power to get that Review Request sent to your customer.
  • Boost, pause or decrease bids by a percentage or dollar amount. Do this for all keywords, products or brands… Whatever saves you time, you can do it in MBS.
  • Edit and upload listing changes from within ManageByStats. If you see the revision doesn’t perform as well as what you had, pull the previous version from MBS… send it right back over to Seller Central. Again, all from within ManageByStats.
  • For the times you need to send automated messages to your customers, do it all from within ManageByStats.

The billions of transactions MBS members achieved

weren’t based on chance…

Your results shouldn’t be either.

Advertising Manager

Manage your ads more effectively, at all levels, from Campaigns to Keywords, with tools that simplify the basics, give you high-level oversight, insight, foresight — bringing together the resources you need to achieve a new standard of advertising success.
  • See your keyword bid history graphed, so you know the exact effect your adjustments are having.
  • Boost, pause or decrease bids by a percentage or dollar amount. Do this for all keywords, products or brands… Whatever saves you time, you can do it with MBS’s Scheduled Marketing Adjuster.
  • Set your target ACoS (what you’d like it to get to) and we’ll show you how much you’re gaining or losing compared to that, instead of just working off of ACoS.
  • Automatic bid adjustments. These can be turned on after setting target ACoS. Our AI system will start adjusting your bids every day to get them to meet those targets.
  • Review and make changes to your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords, which then update Seller Central immediately.
  • Take the time out of your routine keyword bid adjustments with Saved Filters and Views. Set your filters, save the View, and with a click of a button instantly see which keywords need to be addressed.
  • Use our pre-saved views to see which keywords are costing you the most money, and, just as important, which keywords are making you money.

As A Recap… with ManageByStats You Get:

  • Profit Dashboard
  • KPI Custom Dashboards
  • Review Request Automation
  • Custom Follow Up Email Automation
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Finder Tools
  • Reverse ASIN Analysis
  • Listing Optimization Tools
  • Advertising Manager
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Geo-Analytics
  • Manage Multiple Seller Accounts
  • Have Multiple Users & Permissions
  • Smart Notification Alerts

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