Customer Transactions

Leverage Your Customer Data

Complete Customer Transaction Details For Faster Customer Support

Sometimes when your customers needs support you don’t always have their Order ID, or their exact purchase date, and you need to be able to search by other criteria. In ManageByStats you can search your Transactions database using a ton of different variables (date, SKU, ASIN, Name, Order ID, if they’re a Repeat Buyer or not, and even if they left Feedback or a Review).

The point is, speed of Customer Support is what gives customers a good experience, and this is vital to maintaining a high Star Rating on your products. The MBS Transactions Database helps you do it.

Promotion Codes

Know Which Promo Codes ACTUALLY Work

You can’t easily tell which of your promotions are getting the most grabs, and which are just costing you more money. Amazon does not give you a way to see which ones are the most effective.

ManageByStats clearly shows you which promo codes are getting you the most sales, and which are just eating up your profits.

If You Sell On Amazon, ManageByStats Is Vital

MBS is a suite of software tools that bring full transparency to your Amazon sales, showing you profit, ROI, margin and so much more. Things for which Amazon Seller Central provides no solutions.

Transactions, in particular, and all the related information that goes with them, can be difficult to pin down in your Seller Central, and ManageByStats provides the resources to simplify them.

Customer Reports

Get A Clear Picture Of Your Customers

You need to know your Customer audience. What kind of people buy from you? Do you know all your buyer types?

ManageByStats helps you generate and download reports of your Customers and Transactions, with filters that give you a much clearer insight into who your customers are.

Get To Know Your Customers

The Transactions Database tool is part of the core suite of Amazon tools in ManageByStats. All features can be used during the free 30-day trial.

Generate Customized Transaction Reports

Amazon seller transaction reports are included in MBS along with many other features. As an Amazon seller, you know all the other areas that you need to monitor to keep your business strong. Our Amazon FBA statistics tool lets you graph data such as your net revenue and ad cost.

Meanwhile, our FBA inventory management software helps you track your business’s supplies and stock. You should be able to see now how the Transactions Database and other tools all work together to help you succeed on Amazon.

Start your free trial today of ManageByStats to see everything our software can do for you.