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Wordsmith exists to help you refine your listing toward maximum effectiveness.

This tool is the final part of our listing optimization trio, where you retrieve target keywords in Keyword Scout, refine them in Distiller, and then add them into your listing to make it the best it can possibly be.

This way you won't exclude important keywords mistakenly, and you will include those that will make your listing rank and convert. We make it easy to see which keywords are being used in the listing, and which are not.

With Wordsmith, average Amazon product listings become true medal-winners.

Meet Your Amazon Product Listing Assistant

Import from Seller Central - You can start from scratch, or if you have a listing on Amazon that needs optimization, Wordsmith can import your existing listing so you can use as many relevant keywords as possible in your product title, bullets and description, backend search term field and subject matter fields.

As we import from Seller Central, we pull in more details about your listing than any other software out there.
Makes optimization simple - Clearly see which keywords you're missing so you can include the best ones in the front and back-end of your listing with Wordsmith's oversight, which ensures you've used the correct number of keywords for fields that have specific character limitations.
Split test/History/Saved Versions - Includes convenient features to retrieve previous listing drafts, save versions of your listing for split testing, and see a history of all work done on a listing.
Export directly to Amazon - We go to the extra effort to make things easy for you. So when you're done optimizing your listing, there's no need to copy and paste your work. Just export it directly to Amazon.
Use Wordsmith today to make your listing rank and convert higher than it ever has.