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Dominating Amazon FBA

In order to sell on Amazon and ultimately rule Amazon FBA, you need a thorough and current awareness of how your product is performing.

The ManageByStats Amazon product grouping and management tool can help you do exactly that.

While Amazon sellers can always set up their own dashboards with the MBS Profits Dashboard, the product grouping tool makes this management a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

Create Brands, Product Groups And Product Tags

As the number of products you sell grows, you need to be able to see how they are all doing. But looking at every single product to see if it’s profitable can take a lot of time. Grouping your products by similar categories, or by Brands, can help give you clarity into which groups of products are doing well, and which are not.

And you can even create Tags, where you have similar products in two different brands, and you can see how this type of product is doing.

Profit Dashboard
Finances Overview
Advertising Reports

This same Grouping is built into All of Our Tools

  • Finance details viewed by Brands, Groups, Tags
  • KPIs viewed by Brands, Groups, Tags
  • Graphs details viewed by Brands, Groups, Tags
  • Customers details viewed by Brands, Groups, Tags
  • Generating Reports by Brands, Groups, Tags

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