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Product Grouping & Management: Amazon Product
Analytics Tool


In order to sell on Amazon and ultimately rule Amazon FBA, you need a thorough and current awareness of how your product is performing. The ManageByStats Amazon product grouping and management tool can help you do exactly that.

While Amazon sellers can always set up their own dashboards with the MBS Amazon seller analytics software, the product grouping tool can help you know things like:
Your Buy Box percentage, both current and 30-day average. The BuyBox% is the percentage of views (sessions) on that listing that had you listed as the default seller with an "Add to cart" button that links to you as the seller.
Unit Session percentage, or the number of units ordered over the number of sessions, telling you how often potential buyers are responding to your listing and making the purchase.
ASIN and SKU management.
Cost of Goods and Profit.
ManageByStats (MBS) features a robust Product Management tool that gives you oversight and control over all these things and more.

Used by the Top Amazon FBA Sellers

Know all there is to know about your product listing at a glance. You can perform quick and easy analytics using your Amazon FBA statistics. Take any needed actions to either revert a downtrending value or reinforce an uptrending value to drive it even higher.

Product management is part of the MBS core suite of tools, and it is available with full features as part of our free trial. But that’s not the only arm of our software you can access with a trial. In addition to product management, you can benefit from the ability to find FBA customer data about those who buy from you.

You can explore all the features of our Amazon product analytics tool and other software as part of a free trial.

How to Monitor Your Amazon BuyBox Easily

The BuyBox% is the percentage of views (sessions) on that listing that had you listed as the default seller with an “Add to cart” button that links to you as the seller, and it’s critical to you as an Amazon FBA seller.
MBS product metrics screenshot
To check this in ManageByStats, use our product grouping and management tool. For historical info, you can also see the BuyBox% in Graphs. And of course, don’t forget to follow up on customer transactions with our Amazon feedback management software tool.

Knowing your keywords and optimizing your product listings are certainly vital to your Amazon business. But too many sellers neglect to follow through with transactions that have already happened. Managing customer reviews and opinions is a vital aspect of customer service. This is why we offer the full suite of software products at MBS.

Keep up with your BuyBox and dozens of other important metrics using the easy, customizable tools in ManageByStats.

Mastering FBA can be complex, but with the MBS tools at your disposal, you have all the assistance you need to make it big.

Check out the 14-day MBS free trial today to check out all the features of our software.