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When a sale occurs in your Amazon Seller Account, SellerMail can automatically schedule and send a sequence of emails to the buyer, while giving you full control of what is sent.

Decide when and under what conditions buyer emails will be sent; create custom email sequences for Brands, product lines or individual products.

Create and schedule custom emails and sequences
Trigger emails to your customers based on Purchase, Shipped, Product Refund and multiple other criteria.
Refine email rules by Brand, ASIN or SKU.

Maintain positive contact with your customers, automatically, with SellerMail.


Meet Your Amazon Seller Assistant

As an Amazon seller, whether you can justify a living, breathing Amazon assistant or not, we've got you covered. Even if you do have assistants, SellerMail can help them as much as it does you.

Offload the repetitive task of following up with customers after purchase -- and make those emails personalized, so each customer, even among thousands, feels the human touch.

Mail-merge variables let you personalize messages based on customer name, the product they bought, and dozens of other options. Choose whether or not to include tracking info, order status and more. Easily create the feeling of one-off emails, sent specifically to each customer for their particular order.
Choose how soon after each trigger event (Purchase, Delivery, etc.) the email will be sent. Multiple options let you set criteria for when and under what conditions emails are queued. Things like purchase history, refund status, feedback and more can be factored into the criteria which your Amazon assistant, SellerMail, will use to custom-build each email to each customer.

With SellerMail it's like having a fast, efficient assistant, following your instructions and sending engaging, personalized emails to your buyers.

The Importance Of Amazon Seller Tools

There are things Amazon just doesn't do. Which means you either need to find a way to do them, or you need a great suite of Amazon Seller tools that meet the need.

One of those needs, an important one, is automated response emails to your customers. When someone buys your product you want to follow up with them; minimally to thank them for their purchase, and maybe to give them some vital info about the product or their order; ideally to establish rapport, show you and your brand care, answer any questions, get their feedback and more.

SellerMail helps you do exactly this, easily, and automatically. As Amazon tools go, this is one you definitely want in your toolbox.

With SellerMail you're able to:

See overall statistics, along with send and open rates for individual emails.
Split-test messages to find your best performers.
Create custom send profiles; include your logo and other personalized info.
Automatically include individual coupon codes.
Add attachments.

The only way to do any of this in Amazon is manually. Tedious at best.

SellerMail automates this very vital function.

Amazon Email: Making It Easy

By making it easy to reach your customers, Amazon Seller software like SellerMail frees you to focus on running your Amazon business.

Make SellerMail part of your suite of software, and make it easy to build the connection with your customers.

Sow The Seeds Of Your FBA Business

That customer connection, of course, leads smoothly the growth of your FBA business. In a way these buyer response emails are like sowing the first seeds of future marketing. Laying the groundwork for later interaction with your brand, while building the best marketing of all:


Creating and sending personalized email sequences to your customers, following the purchase, casts you in a very favorable light. Customers respond to that, and when Amazon, or you, ask if they'd like to leave a review, they often do -- which only adds further to that goodwill for your product and your brand.

Customer emails after the purchase set the stage for more effective future marketing.

SellerMail is the key to making that first contact.

Let SellerMail help you turn customers into fans.

How To Automate Customer Follow-Up

Create and automate custom email sequences for customer follow-up with SellerMail.

Trigger messages to send after:

Out for Delivery

Set delays, and select from more than a dozen different criteria by which to filter each message, from the Lifetime Value of the customer to whether or not they've left Feedback and more.

SellerMail is your email automation tool for maintaining great customer follow-up, and it's included in your MBS -- along with many other tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers.

Start your free trial today to see everything ManageByStats has to offer.

Competitive Pricing Plans

Free up to 1,000/month e-mails sent, and any overage billed at $8 per block of 1,000 e-mails.
$20.00/month up to 4,000 e-mails sent, and any overage billed at $12 per block of 2,000 e-mails.
$40.00/month up to 10,000 e-mails sent, and any overage billed at $10 per block of 2,000 e-mails.
$80.00/month up to 30,000 e-mails sent, and any overage billed at $10 per block of 3,000 e-mails.
$160.00/month up to 100,000 e-mails sent, and overage billed at $16 per block of 10,000 e-mails.
SellerMail requires signing up for ManageByStats monthly subscription. Sign up today to start managing your Amazon Business for real.