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Following the Covid-19 epidemic, there was a significant increase in demand for an efficient, customer experience friendly eCommerce platform. Nowadays, some eCommerce platforms are even created as a centralized system to help business owners manage their companies.

Therefore, maintaining and operating an eCommerce website is not always profitable if the business owners cannot satisfy their customers.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

Customer experience is characterized as the standard of communication between your business and its clients. Your e-commerce website visitors’ first impressions of you will primarily decide whether they come back, how much money they spend with you, and how long they stay with your clients.

Your website can either foster a sense of trust and produce an engaging user experience, or it can sow the seeds of frustration and uncertainty. A positive customer experience can also drastically lower costs for you because happy customers will suggest you to others, which will result in lower internet advertising expenses.

The key factors in delivering a better customer experience are people and products. Of course, the performance of your product should astound your visitors. But should they need assistance, clients should also enjoy working with your customer service representatives.

Long-term success will depend on how to connect online and offline sales to give their customers an unmatched experience. Additionally, a bad customer experience hurts your e-commerce business because 88 percent of internet users are less inclined to return after a negative encounter.

Therefore, investing in enhancing the user experience of your online store might be beneficial for your e-commerce website.

Boost CX on Your Website

A seamless and scalable response to rising demands and customer expectations can be achieved by managing user identity. Here are five cost-effective alternatives to consider for setting up your e-commerce website to facilitate a better customer experience.

Automate for Better Customer Experience

In-conversation questions and problem-solving are also frequently preferred by customers. However, a business may not always be able to provide live customer support professionals whenever customers need assistance due to the expectation of 24/7 customer service.

By automating customer support queries using an AI chatbot, businesses can reduce their customer service staff and improve the customer experience. Chatbots can answer simple questions, freeing up customer service agents to focus on more challenging problems. Customers may make purchases more quickly as a result, preventing them from leaving their online shopping carts unattended.

AI chatbots can even be taught by businesses to have a certain voice and tone that promotes their corporate image. You may build chatbots and voice bots using the Conversational AI Cloud to respond to initial inquiries made via chat, phone, or any other channel based on the same information and technologies.

Clear contact information

Your contact information, or at the very least an obvious link to your “Contact” page, should be included on every page that provides details about your business, its goods, or its services. Additionally, you ought to provide contact information at the bottom, on the main navigation tab, and possibly even on your “Contact” and “About Us” pages.

Giving them a mechanism to resolve their difficulties on your website lowers the likelihood that a visitor will leave, improves customer experience, and raises the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Consider a pop-up window or a continuous banner on the side to offer more direct access.

Offer a variety of payment options

Businesses that offer a variety of payment options see an increase in sales. Customers who make it to your payment page are the most likely to make a purchase. However, 44% of them will forego purchasing if a merchant doesn’t accept their preferred method of payment.

The goal of CX is to meet each customer’s demands, and one of those needs is payment. Retailers should make an effort to accept every popular payment method so that clients may easily convert between different types of cards and online payment systems.

Additionally, you can accept payments with Stripe, WooCommerce, PayPal, and other reputable payment processors. Additionally, you can rapidly invoice brand-new clients and gather money from the Intercom Inbox.

Utilize your own client’s voice

Reviews are a fantastic way to collect consumer feedback, establish credibility, and make previous clients a resource for potential clients. Accepting reviews not only enables you to see your mistakes and correct them but also boosts client confidence.

Allowing client reviews of your goods or services enables prospective customers to hunt for solutions online without contacting your customer support staff. Utilizing evaluations enables your customers to produce valuable and distinctive information that will aid those looking for simple solutions. 

Additionally, you are demonstrating to visitors that you do care about your clients and their customer experience by displaying them either on a third-party website or directly on your website.

Offer a clear return policy

The inability of buyers to try on or test your product before they buy it is a drawback of internet shopping. Offer a reasonable, comprehensible returns policy so that customers feel comfortable returning products.

One of the best ways to raise the value of your brand is by having a straightforward return policy. To avoid difficulties, a business should be as open and honest with its customers as possible.


In conclusion, establishing your business requires both a marketing plan and a customer experience strategy. You may find a lot more advice online to enhance your customers’ experiences. It all depends on how you put them to practice to create a prosperous business. We hope that these tips in this article will be helpful to you.

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