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If you’re an average Amazon seller, you are paying Amazon for sponsored ads and competing with other sellers for expensive keywords on Amazon. But if you’re a savvy seller, you know that using Google Ads to find customers searching for your products on Google and bring them directly to your Amazon product listing or storefront page can bypass your competition.

Whether you’re a new seller to Amazon or have been operating your business for a long time, there are several benefits to advertising through Google Ads. 

Let’s explore three ways that Google Ad campaigns can boost your search relevance and overall business.

Amazon Heavily Weighs External Traffic

Amazon and Shopify fight for Google traffic. While Shopify provides lower seller fees, Amazon provides better conversion rates. Which makes a Seller really need to think through where they want to send traffic.

One way Amazon incentivizes Sellers to send traffic to Amazon is through rank rewards. Amazon heavily weights external traffic, and rewards Sellers who bring in external traffic with higher organic visibility, which usually results in more total sales. 

By advertising on Google, many sellers experience an increase in organic visibility and total sales as they start feeding external traffic to their Amazon products.

Brand Referral Bonus Program

Another way Amazon incentivizes and rewards external traffic is through the Brand Referral Bonus program

As Amazon competes with D2C stores and incentivizes Sellers to bring in external traffic, they upped the reward ante and started the Brand Referral Bonus program to incentivize and reward sellers that were bringing in customers through marketing outside channels (like on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.). 

This Brand Referral Bonus provides United States based sellers an average of a 10% kick back of all sales brought in from external channels.

Gain Unlimited Access To New Customers

Google provides access to millions of potential customers that do their shopping through Google. 

Incorporating Google Ads into your advertising allows you to reach beyond the walls of Amazon and find new customers that otherwise would not have found your products.

Different from social channels, where you push your product in front of unsuspecting consumers, Google has a “buying intent” element where people are actually searching for your products.

With a search engine used by the biggest companies in the world, Google Ads can be an intimidating and competitive place, so most Amazon sellers have not had the time, expertise or the needed data to properly leverage Google Ads…until now. 


With Ampd, Amazon sellers can access a self-serve platform that enables full keyword level attribution and is built for sellers at any experience level. With Ampd you can set up your Google campaigns in just a few clicks and run effective and affordable campaigns that convert Google shoppers, increase your Amazon rank, and credit you with the Brand Referral Bonus. 

Want to learn more about Ampd? Sign up today and get up to $500 Google Ad credit if you’re new to Google Ads and take advantage of Ampd’s 30 day money back guarantee.