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ManageByStats Amazon Seller Software Releases New SellerMail Feature

Today Philip Jepsen, CEO and founder of ManageByStats, makers of the ManageByStats software suite of Amazon seller tools, announced that they’ve released a new customer contact feature, called SellerMail, for their online, browser-based software. According to Mr. Jepsen this feature is now available for all ManageByStats users. ManageByStats is browser-based software that allows Amazon sellers to manage their entire Amazon selling process, from sales to inventory, customers to payouts, giving them full transparency into every aspect of their business. SellerMail allows users of the program to create and direct custom emails to their customers that will go out automatically at specified trigger events.

“This is a big feature,” says Mr. Jepsen. “For our competitors this sort of functionality is a program unto itself. Customer feedback with selling on Amazon is huge, and there are entire programs dedicated solely to this. With SellerMail we’re now offering that ability directly within the ManageByStats program. With one login you get it all.”

SellerMail is an advanced automatic email tool for Amazon Sellers that provides a way to automatically send feedback emails to customers at time of purchase, shipment, delivery and other trigger points. With the introduction of SellerMail users can now manage their Amazon business through the core program, and from that same interface access and directly manage their automated customer outreach.

“When a sale occurs on Amazon, SellerMail will automatically send out a sequence of emails to the buyer,” says Mr. Jepsen. “These are custom emails you’ve created in advance, and with them you have full control over what is sent and when. There are a wide variety of customizable sequences for Brands, product lines or individual products, repeat buyers and more. As you can imagine, this is a great way to build and maintain a positive relationship with your customers.”

SellerMail offers a solution for automated customer contact at predetermined points during the sales and delivery cycle. For more details on the ManageByStats program please visit the company’s website. If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.