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MBS This Week - Issue 2032


This Week’s Lineup
  • Launch Tracking Made Easy
  • Crafting A Great “Call To Action”
  • Prime Day Latest
  • FBA Fee Refunds
  • MBS In The News
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomePersistence may sound like a boring word, but it’s one of the best qualities you can have as an entrepreneur. You may have heard the statement, No one really fails, they simply quit. Pretty much true. Persistence, in turn, all but guarantees success.Everything with parameters, of course. You could, for example, persist in banging your head against a wall and, eventually, break through, but isn’t there a better way?So let’s refine that quality to “persistence in finding a solution”. The best entrepreneurs pair their persistence with a bit of learning, a pinch of adaptation and a knack for figuring out how to work smarter.It all begins with the drive to push through any and all obstacles and achieve your goals. As long as the goal remains paramount, you will find a way.So to kick this issue off we say to you, Persist, and have a great week! 


Launch Tracking Made EasyDo you launch products on Amazon?That may be a redundant question, being that you’re an Amazon seller.A better question might be, How often do you launch?And an even better one: Would you like a great way to track those launches? There’s a free tool included with your MBS, called Launch Tracker, that gives you that better way. Launch Tracker gives you the insight you need into key metrics when launching a product on Amazon.Select your product, set the date range you’d like to evaluate, then Launch Tracker presents the info critical to evaluating the success of your launch.Info like:
  • Launch Day
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Total Sales
  • PPC Sales
  • Organic Sales
  • Codes Distributed and Redeemed
  • Sessions
  • Ad Spend
  • Ad Cost Per Unit
Add notes, track and evaluate the performance of each launch.Check it out today. It’s in your MBS under:Catapult > Launch Tracker 


Crafting A Great “Call To Action”Our good friend Ben Cummings recently discussed how to create a strong call to action in your Amazon listing.There are the typical “lazy” ways to craft a call to action, he says, which most sellers use, but there’s a far more powerful concept called “future pacing” which carries immense psychological power and can greatly boost your conversion rate.Carve out a few minutes and check out Episode 383 of this great podcast …How To Craft A "Call To Action" In Your Amazon Listing 


FBA Fee RefundsEven Amazon makes mistakes. With more than 2 billion marketplace items shipped through FBA every year, even a tiny percentage of errors adds up. Those could be overcharging of FBA fees, lost inventory, incorrect customer refunds and more.Amazon picks up some of those mistakes themselves, but others slip through the cracks. You could be owed money for issues that you know nothing about.So how do you go about finding them and getting a refund?Amazon FBA Fee Refunds: How to Get Your Money BackPrime Day LatestThis has been coming, of course, but Amazon officially postponed Prime Day in the U.S., the company announced Tuesday. Amazon didn’t announce a date for the two-day summer sales event, which is typically held in mid-July, saying it will share “more details soon.”Earlier this month, Amazon told third-party sellers to use the week of Oct. 5 as a “placeholder date” for Prime Day promotions and coupons …Amazon Officially Delays Prime Day 

MBS In The News

This week …Amazon Product Finding Tool Part Of The ManageByStats Suite 


Two guys are walking through the woods one day when they stumble across a big deep hole, no bottom in sight. They decide to test the depth by throwing in a few pebbles and listening for them to hit.Nothing.So they pick up a couple of big rocks, toss them into the hole and wait and … Again, nothing.They look at each other in amazement. Then the first guy gets a determined look on his face and says, “Hey, over here in the weeds, there’s a railroad tie. Help me carry it over. When we toss that sucker in, it’s gotta make some noise.”So the two of them drag the heavy tie over to the hole and heave it in. Once again, not a sound comes from the hole.Suddenly, out of the nearby woods, a goat appears, running like the wind. It rushes toward the two men, then right past, running as fast as it can and …Leaps into the hole.The two men are astonished with what they’ve just seen and look at each other in amazement.Then, out of the woods comes a farmer who spots the men and ambles over. He asks them, “Hey, you two guys seen my goat out here?”The first guy says, “You bet we did! Craziest thing. It came running full speed and just jumped into this hole and disappeared!”“Nah,” says the farmer, “That couldn’t have been my goat. My goat was chained to a railroad tie.” 


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