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Quickly Fix Your Suspended Amazon Account

Short blog here today, with a very specific focus -- and a godsend for those who need it.If your Amazon account has been suspended, there’s now a way you may be able to fix it quickly.

Check Your Seller Central

Most of you know Amazon made changes to their algorithms that shut down hundreds if not thousands of seller accounts. Most of those shutdowns appropriate, but not all.Amazon now gives you the option to choose that your account was shuttered in error.If your account has been suspended, you should now see a notice to that effect:Click on the red button to Reactivate Your Account.

Follow The Steps

When you do that you’ll get another screen with, essentially, the same thing, this time a yellow button:Click to Reactivate your account.After that, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to provide an explanation that your account was deactivated in error.Answer the questions and provide the explanation.Provide proof that you’re the human you say you are. Power bill, Gas bill, etc. They give options.


Yay!No hard-fast rule on exactly how long it will take, but compared to the processes and time involved before, this is like a rocket ride.One account we know of was restored in just a little over an hour.Yes. One hour.This is a positive step, and definitely cause for celebration. Yes, it would be nice if Amazon got it right every time and didn’t suspend accounts incorrectly, but barring that nirvana, this may be the next best thing.If things are legit, now you can get back up and running quickly. To your success.