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It’s not a stretch to say selling on Amazon puts you smack in the middle of the fastest-moving and most potentially lucrative retail business in the world.

How do you keep up?

Information drives decisions. Winning decisions, in turn, rely on that information being both timely and accurate. A good notification would, ideally, not simply alert you to the fact that a vital threshold has been crossed, but would:

  • Tell you what contributed to the change.
  • Give you some ideas as to how to fix it.

A notification like that would be pretty smart, right?

A New Era Of Awareness

Just a few of the challenges an Amazon seller faces:

  • Am I competitive in my Advertising?
  • When sales drop, what area of my business needs attention?
  • I’m sick of running out of stock unexpectedly.
  • Why is my Advertising eating up so much profit?

Traditional notifications exist to monitor the things you simply don’t have the time to keep an eye on (and honestly shouldn’t be); a valuable function, to be sure, but one which, in this modern age, can be advanced.

How about a smart notification that not only lets you know when a threshold has been crossed, but includes info such as:

  • The things directly influencing that result. What caused that metric to change?
  • The related graphs to look at. Is something else also dropping? What are the underlying factors?
  • Recommendations. Actions you can take to get things turned around.

This is the evolution smart notifications are now taking.

Eternal Vigilance

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Great quote, great message, and it applies as much to a business as it does the defense of a country.

Rather than what you might consider a dumb robot – classic notifications – a smart notification would be akin to an AI system, though with the “intelligence” programmed in by the developers, paired with highly flexible customization options that let you instruct that system as to what and how to notify you.

Kind of like a virtual assistant, keeping you informed of what you need to know, then giving you insight as to how to revert problems.

What are some of the things you’d like to be aware of as an Amazon seller?

Major areas, of course, such as Advertising, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Sales and Amazon notifications.

Things like:

  • Customized Overviews
  • High Spend Alerts
  • Impressions Drops
  • Sessions Changes
  • Conversions Drops
  • Profit Dips
  • Average Review Rating
  • Units Ordered Alerts
  • Revenue & Profits Overview

Plus important Amazon notices, including listing suppressions, category or price changes, lost Buy Box, review alerts (both bad, 1-3, and good, 4-5), negative seller feedback and more.

All with full insight into the cause of the drop, along with how to get it moving back in an uptrending direction.

Smart Notifications

This sort of “smartness” may sound surprising, and perhaps it is. Few notification systems go into that level of detail. Most simply tell you something crossed a threshold and it’s up to you to figure it out.

MBS Smart Notifications help guide you to the solution.

Easy. Intuitive. Customizable. Informative. Helpful.

These are all things you need to be made aware of, but they’re also things you shouldn’t need to be manually checking day and night.

The solution is a system, which can be customized for your needs, that automatically keeps you up-to-date on the vital aspects of your operation.

A New Way Of Doing Business

Filtering through the noise to see – and act on – the things most vital to the health of your Amazon enterprise can make your eyes glass over. Especially if you’re managing a large number of products. Anything from dozens to hundreds, and you need dedicated help to keep it all humming.

Trouble is, more often than not the notification systems that are supposed to help you organize become part of the noise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a notifications system that lets you fine-tune exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it and under what conditions?

Smart Notifications are the next-gen solution for Amazon sellers everywhere.

To your selling success.

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