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The Importance Of Split Testing When Selling On Amazon

By 16/08/2021Uncategorized

To understand which version of a marketing strategy works effectively, you need to identify and measure certain sales metrics. Usually, sellers assess which version of a product is performing by testing a variety of its attributes. With appropriate adjustment, traffic and conversion rates improve.

Amazon sellers use a technique known as split testing to optimize their listings on the marketplace in order to make a profit or stay profitable. This comprehensive guide highlights the advantages of this practice.


What is split testing?

Split testing is a comparison of two or more variations of a product listing. A product on a listing can be compared using its features such as photographs, pricing, bullets, or descriptions. 

Amazon split testing gives sellers the data they need to find the best-performing keywords, images that get the most clicks, and the best description for their products. The technique directs some visitors to one version of the listing, and other visitors to the second version. After a set period, information on the behavior of visitors to each variant is collected, and sales are enhanced by making changes to the listings based on the information obtained.


Why is split testing important?

Amazon, like every other marketplace, rates sellers mainly by their sales performance. The products of sellers at the top of the ranking easily get seen and that improves sales. With each sale, the ratings of these sellers improve. However, there are sellers who are near the bottom of the list and aspire to move up. To obtain a favorable ranking, they must ensure that their listing is correct.

In this era of Amazon rollups, increased profitability, due to more favorable rankings or otherwise, is included in the multiple-based valuation of your company. Therefore, even a small bump in ranking is particularly valuable to your business.

To move up the rankings, your product’s characteristics, such as keywords, must be relevant. With the right keywords, a product becomes more prominent in search results, which increases sales and eventually improves the seller’s rank. Similarly, optimal product pricing, which is made possible through split testing, guarantees that profit is maintained even when additional sales are created.

A split test gathers real-time data concerning clicks and engagement. The more data you get, the better you understand the behavior of customers. You will be able to identify which description brings in more sales, and with that, you can tweak your description to resonate with customers.

With testing tools like PickFu, you don’t have to undergo live sales. You only have to gather customer feedback in the early stages of the business before the actual sale, thereby saving money in case a version of the listing underperforms during the test. You are also well informed to choose an appropriate listing when you finally launch it.

In general, the two most important aspects of split testing are boosting traffic to your page and increasing the click-through rate. When a product’s keywords are properly defined, it ranks higher in search results. When a good price is combined with an acceptable product description, visits to the product page increase.


How do I split test on Amazon?

Split testing on e-commerce sites is typically carried out using automated split testing software tools.

In general, they work by evaluating a variant of a listing for two weeks before switching to another. With this procedure, it could take weeks to get results. Furthermore, massive traffic is required to collect enough data. Introducing pay-per-click (PPC) ads can help drive traffic; however, this is usually costly. And if a specific version of your listing is underperforming, you risk losing customers.

At PickFu, our split testing platform enables you to overcome some of these constraints. By working independent of e-commerce marketplaces, PickFu is able to help merchants run a split test and get feedback without the need for live sales. You can test a wide range of elements in a short amount of time with no impact on your search ranking or revenue.


What can I split test on Amazon?

One significant attribute to split test is pricing. You can increase sales by having the software tool dynamically reflect the update that best meets client preferences. Another attribute that must be split tested is a listing’s main image. Your main image paints a picture of what your listing is all about. Essentially, a well-taken photograph of a product drives more visitors to the listing.

When fetching product searches, the keyword inputted is matched with that of a listing. The keywords on your listing are typically found in both the title and the description. To increase revenue, you must ensure that your keywords are related to popular queries. Typically, 20% of your search phrases will generate approximately 80% of your purchases.

Other attributes to split test include bullets and secondary images.


When should a split test be done?

There is no set time for performing a split test, nor is there a good or bad moment to do a split test. Testing to improve your listing is a continual process. In the event that a customer’s preference changes, a split test records the change, offering you valuable data over time.

By routinely split testing your Amazon listings, you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, which leads to an improvement in their customer experience.


Bottom line

There is increased competition in the e-commerce industry, which makes it tough to perform adequate optimization for higher sales. Therefore, you must employ split testing tools to keep up with the demand and, at the very least, remain competitive. Various tools allow for the creation of the best listings on these platforms.