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Feedback & Review Monitoring: Amazon Feedback Management Software


If you’re an Amazon seller who wants to build up your brand on the website, then you know that customer reviews are one of the most vital aspects of your business. One of the things you need most in your FBA Toolkit is situational awareness of your customer feedback and reviews. It isn’t enough just to make sales and monitor your Amazon seller transaction reports this is obviously a vital part of your business, but there is so much more to do if you want to make a lasting impression on your customers.

ManageByStats provides insight into both feedback and reviews with our Amazon feedback management software. The software lets you use either reviews or feedback in various places, such as in the capacity of a filter in list generation, criteria for email sends, and more.

Customer Feedback:
Click a convenient link to go right to the customer order on Amazon.
Easily see Order ID, rating and text of the feedback.
The customer's name links directly to that customer's record in MBS, with full customer info.
Use Feedback to define criteria for SellerMail email messages, and use it to set filters for customer reports.
Customer Reviews:
See the date and star-rating for each review.
Click the link provided to go straight to the review on Amazon.
Add and save Notes for each review.
Track and graph your number of reviews and review average.

Feedback Is the Lifeblood of an FBA Seller

Building a solid track record of positive feedback and customer reviews is the lifeblood for any business, and especially an Amazon business. Amazon has refined this system of customer input to a fine art, one which is emulated throughout the online retail world. As a critical part of your operations on Amazon, you’ll want the right tools to manage it.

Achieve full awareness and oversight of your customer reviews and feedback with ManageByStats. These tools are included as part of the features in the core suite of software for Amazon sellers.

How to Get Feedback & Reviews in MBS

ManageByStats brings you full transparency for your sales, customer data, and more. You can even track your business’s supplies with our FBA inventory management software.

Being able to see your Reviews and Feedback within that context, and relate them to the rest of your vital business info, gives you a big leg up over what you can do in Seller Central.

To get your Feedback and Reviews, use the Download Data button to set a date and collect them on demand.
MBS data screenshot
Once reviews are downloaded, click the Review ID link to go directly to the review on Amazon.

For Seller Feedback click the Customer Name and/or Order ID to be taken to that record and all related info.
MBS feedback dashboard

Amazon Feedback Management Software You Need

Managing your feedback in ManageByStats connects you to all available info and tools for working with and analyzing these key indicators of customer satisfaction. One example is the Customer Database, which lets you find FBA customer data that you need to know your customers truly.

The collection of Reviews and Feedback is one of the many features included in MBS.

Check out all of ManageByStats today with a 14-day free trial.