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A Better Mousetrap: Knowing Your Amazon Biz

Your Amazon business is humming day and night.Lots of information is available to tell you how it’s doing, but how often do you check to see where everything is at? How often can you?How do you catch dips or spikes so you can act?An ounce of prevention, as they say, and knowing is half the battle. That’s two cliches in one sentence, but it makes the point:Staying informed is a 24/7 activity.And it’s important.

Balancing Act

No one can sit and monitor their Amazon business at all times. Even if you did (and if you did, we’d suggest paying attention to the reasons you’re running an Amazon business in the first place; namely to facilitate a better life), you’d never be able to monitor all the information you need to keep tabs on.Yet … you do need to know.Thus it becomes a balancing act.As with most activities, running a successful Amazon business consists of having the oversight and the insight needed to make decisions, combined with having a continual awareness of vital systems such that you can act when needed.That’s the balancing act every Amazon seller is faced with.What if there were a better mousetrap? A better way to easily keep tabs on the info you want to monitor, and stay informed the way you want to stay informed?

Eternal Vigilance

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Great quote, great message, and it applies as much to a business as it does the defense of a country.Question is what to monitor? Ideally you’d have a system in place that not only alerts you to numbers that cross a threshold, but that provides you with scheduled updates, at-a-glance info that shows you the health of your business.Kind of like an assistant that keeps you informed of what you need to know.Some of the things you’d like to be aware of as an Amazon seller include major areas, such as Advertising, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Sales and Amazon notifications.Things like:
  • Customized Overviews
  • High Spend Alerts
  • Impressions Drops
  • Sessions Changes
  • Conversions Drops
  • Profit Dips
  • Average Review Rating
  • Units Ordered Alerts
  • Revenue & Profits Overview
Plus important Amazon notices, including listing suppressions, category or price changes, lost Buy Box, review alerts (both bad, 1-3, and good, 4-5), negative seller feedback and more.These are all things you need to be made aware of, but they’re also things you shouldn’t need to be manually checking day and night.The solution is a system, which can be customized for your needs, that automatically keeps you up-to-date on the vital aspects of your business.

Peace Of Mind

The goal of that awareness is peace of mind. By having a behind-the-scenes solution you can count on, you’re able to run your business with confidence, taking the actions you need to expand – while not worrying or even thinking about checking and staying alert for dips or other indicators.You know you’ll be notified when you need to be.ManageByStats offers Smart Notifications that let you customize how and what is sent to you and when, so you can get on with your business and have that peace of mind. To your selling success.