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At long last.  Amazon Headline Search Ads have been rolled out for anyone with Brand Registry, and it’s a pretty big deal.  Until now the only way to get Headline Search Ads was if you were an Amazon Vendor.  Most Amazon sellers private label; that is, they sell a product that’s unique to them, over which they exercise full creative and marketing control.  Vendors, on the other hand, provide products directly to Amazon, and Amazon then decides how to list and market them.

This removes the seller from the equation, and greatly limits what you can do to promote and sell your own brand.

However, Headline Search Ads are so beneficial many sellers have, for some time now, found a way to use them through another Amazon program, Vendor Express.  The strategy has been to “sacrifice” one product to the Vendor Express program, and thereby be able to take advantage of Headline Search Ads that were only available to Vendors.  By being in Vendor Express, and providing a product to Amazon, sellers could then apply the Headline Search Ads to the other products in their brand as well.  Doing this gave sellers a way to get Headline Search Ads without becoming a full Vendor.

Now Amazon is making Headline Search Ads available to any seller with a registered brand, and to that we say:

At long last.

Now you can run these ads the same as you configure your sponsored ads, just like sellers with Vendor status are able to do.  Headline Search Ads for sellers are new, but we’ve gone through the setup and it looks the same as it was for Vendors, with the same criteria, such as the need to have three products (you can do three variations of your product if you have only one), a brand logo, etc.  If you’re a brand owner you’ll now find the Headline Search Ads option under your Campaign Manager.  Help links there will walk you through setting it up, picking a budget, a date range for the ad to run and so on.

A new era is here for brand owners.  Amazon has just made available its Headline Search Ads, and with them you can take your brand exposure to a whole new level.  We here at ManageByStats do our best to give you the tools you need to manage your Amazon business, and as part of this we like to keep you up to date on Amazon itself when we can.  Check out the new Headline Search Ads in your Amazon Seller Central today.

All the best,

The ManageByStats Team