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Craft Your Amazon Listing Bullet Points For Max Conversion

Boosting the conversion rate of your Amazon listing is a hot topic, no doubt.Once you’ve got a customer to your listing, you want to close them, right? A good product listing makes all the difference when it comes to converting that visitor to a sale.One of the bigger parts of this are your listing bullet points. Reviews are important, images are certainly important, but in the end your bullet points are what make the sale.

Bullet Number One

The product title and main image got them to your listing. Now your potential buyer needs to see that your product is the one for them.The customer already wants your product. Or one like it. They searched for it. Your first bullet point, therefore, is the hook that answers their first pain point:Which one to buy.Check the negative reviews of top competing products to find what should set your product apart. See what other products aren’t delivering. Then use that to build your first bullet point. Tell your potential buyer why they should choose you over everyone else.Find out what the others aren’t delivering, and show you are delivering that need.That’s bullet point number one.

Bullets Number Two & Three

Bullet points two and three should speak to that potential buyer and close the deal. Make them feel something.
  • Who’s the product for?
  • Who’s buying it? (not always the same)
  • What problems are solved by it?
  • What desires are fulfilled by it?
Show that you’re understanding their problems. People want two things:
  • To be understood.
  • To be inspired or given hope.
People buy on emotion, but they justify with logic. Make sure you give them both.Appeal to their desire. Appeal to their sense of reason.

Bullets Number Four & Five

Bullet points four and five then tell them who you are.Be more than just a listing on Amazon. Be a brand with a purpose.Use phrases like:
  • We believe ...
  • We stand for ...
  • Our mission is ...
You get the idea. The point is to make a connection.In other words, be a brand, not a listing. Bullets four and five solidify you as an authority for that type of product, and in that space.

Your Virtual Salesman

Approaching your listing with the proper point of view is key. What’s the reality of selling on Amazon?The reality is you’re not on a showroom floor with your product, and neither is anyone else. Your listing, then, becomes your showroom and your salesman. Thinking of it that way helps frame the mindset you want to adopt when creating this all-important sales machine.Your listing needs to:
  • Be immediately engaging.
  • Pitch the product.
  • Address customer concerns.
  • Be prepared to answer questions.
A good listing becomes a virtual salesman. Ready on the sales floor, there to close the customer.

We’ve Got You Covered

Take a moment to go through your listing, approaching it with that mindset. Evaluate each of your bullet points. Are they doing everything they can to make the sale?Pro Tip: ManageByStats has tools to help you do it.We’ve got a suite of tools called Catapult, included in ManageByStats. Two of them are designed specifically to help you refine your Amazon listing.These are Wordsmith and Distiller.Wordsmith, in particular, helps you focus on making those bullet points sing, giving you an easy way to craft or tweak your entire listing.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Subject Matter
  • Search Terms
With an emphasis on the Keywords you’ve refined using Distiller.ManageByStats has you covered.

In A Nutshell

Vague, long bullet points seem to be a thing of the past. It’s best to use concise writing that informs the customer without presenting a wall of text, as this increases the likelihood of them actually reading it.Additionally, include keywords that make your product relevant to the queries prospective customers are searching for.So tighten up that listing and make it convert like nobody’s business (but yours). And use tools like ManageByStats’ Wordsmith and Distiller to help you do it.Any questions, contact us. We’re here to help.Our success begins with yours. Your ManageByStats Team