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By 09/05/2017August 16th, 2022ManageByStats New Features


Dashlets are the customizable info boxes on your ManageByStats dashboard.  They’re a great way to get a snapshot of things like Gross Sales, how many Orders have been placed and how many Units have been sold, ROI and Margin, Promos and Refunds, etc.  You can create a dashlet for specific products, specific date ranges and so on.  They’re quite handy.  Since introducing the dashlets we’ve received a lot of positive feedback, and we’ve also received quite a few questions.

Most Sellers have laser focus on their numbers, as well they should, and so when using one tool (ManageByStats) to consolidate info from another tool (Amazon), some clarification helps.  Sales are a dynamic thing.  Lots is happening, and when a sale occurs one place, it may take time for it to post in another – even within one platform.  Yes, even Amazon Seller Central often has  contradictory data, as there are time delays between different Amazon displays.  Check your Orders list (Orders > Manage Orders) against your Sales Summary (on your Seller Central main page) and you’ll see what we mean.  Depending on when an order is placed that info may differ.

Amazon’s numbers can look inconsistent and inaccurate when comparing:

  • The Orders list
  • The Sales Dashboard Graphs
  • The Sales Dashboard Order count, item count and Revenue count, and the Sales Summary on the home page

Comparisons between Amazon Seller Central stats and ManageByStats Dashlets can create similar discrepancies.  Note that both use the same data, but the display of information depends largely on timing.  We’ve been working on programmatic ways to bring that data more quickly from the source, Amazon’s Orders list, and do so as close to real-time as possible.  In fact, with our latest updates we’re actually, in some cases, beating Amazon at their own game.

The Amazon equivalent to Dashlets is the Sales Summary.  The Sales Summary only shows sales and units, whereas the Dashlets show many more metrics, but that at-a-glance bit of info is exactly what the Dashlets are meant to emulate.  Rather than log into Amazon for that info you can get it directly on the Dashboard in your ManageByStats, plus a lot of other data too.  And now, with our updated methods, we can actually get order info before Amazon shows it in their Sales Summary.

That’s right.  It’s possible our data can be even more current than the Sales Summary on Amazon.

We’ve compiled all this and more in a Help doc in your ManageByStats.  On the Dashboard click the big red Help button for the breakout of the Dashlets and how they work.  There are other factors to take into consideration, and the help doc will explain all you need to know to get the most out of your Dashlets.

And there you have it.  492 words including all the words to the end of this paragraph.  Your Dashlets are ready and waiting, and are now more accurate, current and valuable than ever.

All the best,

The ManageByStats Team