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ManageByStats is, first and foremost, about the numbers.  It has many tools meant to help you manage your Amazon business, with more being added each day, but before all else it was and is a consolidated record of your stats.  Sales, orders, units sold.  When ManageByStats was created it was to fill a need, to provide a way to see all the various Amazon data in one, easy place.Since that time it's grown.  But it still shows you the stats.  Very clearly, very simply, and to that we've added more and more tools so you can get the insight you need to manage.  You can, for example, add various costs, and that, combined with info from Amazon, gives you a clear picture of your profit.Now you can see your Profit %.With this new column you can see your profit as a percentage.  Until now you could see the final profit, but did not have a way to see it expressed as a percentage of overall sales.  Of course you could divide profit by the overall product charges and get the figure, but we've now made it very convenient by doing that for you and displaying the result in a new column.  You can also choose to hide the column.This is one more bit of helpful statistical information available to you in your ManageByStats.  Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to paint the clearest possible picture of your Amazon business, which in turn gives you the clarity you need to make the right decisions for your expansion.All the best,The ManageByStats Team