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Feature In ManageByStats Amazon Sellers Software Allows Sellers To Add Product Lines

Today Philip Jepsen, CEO and founder of ManageByStats, a software suite of Amazon seller tools for Amazon sellers, reported that the company’s flagship program, ManageByStats, allows sellers to add product lines and assign products to those lines.  Sellers can now see their brands, the product lines within those brands, and the individual products within those product lines.

“This is something Amazon does not provide,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “In fact, it was one of the main contributing reasons I decided to form this company and create this software in the first place.  As an Amazon seller myself, I needed a way to break down the stats to see what was going on.  The ManageByStats software evolved from there.”

ManageByStats is built by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers, to provide functions that are not provided well by Amazon or by other services.  The program is browser based and consolidates all Amazon Seller Account information in one login, allowing sellers to see statistical graphs by Day, Week, Month and Year, for Sales, Refunds, Cost of Goods and Amazon Payouts.  This information can be sorted by Overall Totals, Seller Account, Brand, Product Line, Product Name, ASIN and SKU.

“I saw a need for a suite of tools like this,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “And once I began the development process the features found their way in.  Amazon is an incredible resource, but the tools it provides its sellers are scattered, and it isn’t easy to get a clear picture of performance and how you’re doing, where to focus and so forth.  ManageByStats solves that.”

For more details on the ManageByStats program please visit the company’s website.  ManageByStats is browser and subscription based.  Updates to the program are applied in real time and users get new features as they are released.  If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.